Leadway Group Product Marketing Campaign

    The Brief

    Our goal was to drive leads and customer acquisition for selected products within the Leadway group (Auto insurance, Travel insurance, Term life plan and Target plan).

    Our Approach

    Armed with data-driven insights and advanced campaign optimization techniques, we set out to implement a series of robust strategies aimed at propelling the brand towards its business objectives.

    One of our key initiatives involved the creation of engaging content for a podcast series(LEVEL UP). This endeavor was designed to not only boost Top of Mind Awareness (TOMA) but also to establish a deeper connection within the youth market.

    The Result

    The brand experienced an astounding 100% increase in revenue generated.
    Our campaigns garnered an impressive 57,000,000 impressions.
    We achieved 324,239 clicks, indicating strong audience engagement.
    Most importantly, we successfully generated 18,977 high-quality leads, laying a solid foundation for the brand’s continued growth and success

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