Intense Startup Engineering

Being a tech startup founder can be very difficult, especially in an emerging market like Nigeria. It comes with lots of challenges that can threaten the existence of a young business. Lots of Startup founders are looking for people to advise, teach and guide them on how to grow their tech start-ups but have no one to talk to due to busy schedules and lack of access to experienced tech entrepreneurs.

Intense Startup Engineering (formerly Intense Social Engineering) is a social initiative that fosters knowledge sharing, capacity building, business collaboration and friendships that will birth successful tech businesses and grow the Nigerian technology industry.

Intense Digital Empowerment Programme

Intense Digital Empowerment Programme is an initiative developed to sensitize and train Senior Secondary students on opportunities in marketing, technology and digital industries. We visit secondary schools across Nigeria to enlighten and equip young students with the knowledge and tools that will give them a push in the right direction.

Our objective is to let young Nigerian students know that they can empower themselves with marketing, technology and digital skills and not get caught up in the rat race by pursuing cliché careers that have more supply than demand.

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