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In today’s digital landscape, knowledge is power, and at Intense Digital, we’re here to empower your team with the insights, skills, and strategies they need to conquer the digital frontier. As an official partner of the Digital Marketing Institute, Ireland, we bring you cutting-edge Digital Marketing Training and Advisory services that unlock your team’s full potential.

Get in the game and become an in-demand Certified Digital Marketing Professional by understanding the fundamentals of digital marketing and gaining an understanding of the key digital specialisms, from mobile and social media marketing to email, YouTube & display advertising, PPC and SEO.

Why should you take this program?

Through dynamic video presentations and practical learning activities (including tutorials and exercises), you will acquire a hands-on learning experience that will enable you to demonstrate a strong foundation in digital marketing, covering the main concepts, techniques, and skills required in order to develop, plan, and implement an effective digital marketing strategy.

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We are able to give the best prices! You’ll have access to 30 hours of self-paced online learning.
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Fees covers six (6) months DMI Membership, DMI Test fee, and DMI Certification on successful completion of the Program.


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Topics Covered

The course comprises ten modules which provide in-depth coverage of all the key disciplines required for best-practice digital marketing.

This module introduces the core principles and purpose of digital marketing. It enables you to develop clear and actionable business objectives for a digital marketing plan.

You’ll learn how to uncover audience and industry insights from digital research, and to connect effectively with your customers and target audience with a 360 digital marketing campaign.

This module explores the knowledge and skills required to plan and execute a content marketing strategy in a persona-oriented, data-driven way.

You’ll be able to connect content to the Buyer’s Journey and understand how to engage your audience in a meaningful way. It covers content creation, content curation, and how to extend the value of content using scheduling tools and promotion methods.

The module concludes by examining the key metrics and tools for measuring the performance of a content marketing strategy.

This module introduces the key social media platforms for digital marketing, and it demonstrates how to set up a social media experience for a business.

It explains the techniques and best practices for growing and engaging a social media audience, and it demonstrates how to create effective paid advertising campaigns on the key social platforms.

It also covers how to extract and report on data from the platforms’ native analytics tools to derive deeper audience and campaign insights.


This module begins with the fundamentals of SEO and how search engines work. It explains why it is vital to align SEO objectives with overarching business objectives and how to use keyword and competitor research to build an SEO content plan that brings the right kind of visitors to a website.

It also covers how to boost online conversions to help stand out in today’s fiercely competitive online marketplace and ensure the best possible ROI.

This module begins with the fundamentals of paid search, and it demonstrates how to implement and manage paid search campaigns using Google Ads.

Beginning with keywords and keyword research, you’ll be able to create your search campaigns from the ground up. It explains how to manage paid search advertising budgets, and how to optimize your campaigns.

It also covers conversion tracking and how to measure and report on the performance of paid search campaigns using Google Analytics.

This module begins with the fundamentals of Display and Video advertising, and it demonstrates how to set up and manage a YouTube channel.

It covers the ad formats available on the Google Display Network and YouTube, and it shows how to set up and manage Display and Video campaigns.

It also explains how to effectively target and remarket to audiences with display banners and video advertising. The module concludes by identifying the key metrics and tools to use to analyze and optimize the effectiveness of Display and Video campaigns.

This module begins with the fundamentals of email marketing and how the concepts of segmentation, personalization, timing, engagement, and the legislation and regulations surrounding data protection underpin an effective email marketing strategy.

The module introduces key email marketing tools and techniques, and it explores subscriber list and email design best practices.

It covers how to create, test, and optimize an email campaign that maximizes email open and click rates and provides an overview of the value provided by marketing automation tools.

This module introduces key concepts underpinning effective website design, types of websites, ecommerce, lead generation, and the purpose of website optimization.

It will enable you to build and publish a simple, well-designed, and optimized website using WordPress that is aligned to specific business goals.

The module also covers how to use metrics to capture, track, and measure website activity to develop deeper insights.

This module begins with the fundamentals of web analytics. It also examines the associated legal responsibilities and best practices concerning data collection, consent, and privacy that enable a digital marketer to draw actionable conclusions from website or marketing channel data.

You’ll learn how to set up and configure Google Analytics, and install Google Analytics tracking code and link it to your website. The module covers setting website goals to analyze performance and analyze customer conversion journeys.

It also provides comprehensive detail on how to use Google Analytics reports and features to monitor and analyze digital campaigns.

This module identifies the core components of an effective digital marketing strategy, and it explains how to develop an effective budget plan and measure the ROI for digital activities.

It covers how to set clear and actionable objectives and measurable KPIs, as well as the key research activities to undertake to guide channel selection and messaging.

It also explains how to develop a creative strategy based on campaign research to engage an audience and deliver on campaign goals. The module concludes by explaining how to execute a digital marketing strategy supported by a channel plan, a paid.

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