How to pick the right colors for your business / brand

Deciding what colors a brand will base its entire product or design on goes beyond simply using the CEO’s favorite color. Every color has a meaning, there is symbolism and art to it and it most definitely should be taken very seriously! Let us digress a bit, ever seen a Santa Claus wearing purple or…

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Web Design in Nigeria

Making money online in Nigeria … Hunting for Ideas?

So we have been talking a lot about bringing your business online, doing it right and getting your business discovered. We even talked about managing your social media profiles properly for a bit. But here is what we forgot; some potential business owners and investors are actually only beginning to brainstorm on the idea for…

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Social Media Marketing, Social Media Agency, Social Media Marketing In Nigeria

Social Media Marketing In Nigeria, doing it right

The concept of Social Media Marketing constantly eludes a lot of Nigerian businesses, so much so — they don’t even understand the importance of regularly updating their social media accounts and engaging their fans on a daily basis. Social media marketing is not very different from traditional marketing. In the real world, most people have…

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