Target Audience

Target Audience: Knowing Who They are

Every business has the aim of attracting customers. When creating a product or service, there is usually a clear idea of who will be most likely to buy. However, not every business takes this research seriously, and that can result in a complicated marketing strategy. A Target Audience is a clearly defined, specific group of…

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NewsJacking-Using trending news for your brand

Every day there’s some trending news, some funny, others not so much. However, once in a while, something trending can link so directly with your brand that you ought to seize the moment. This is called Newsjacking.  This is the art of injecting your brand into current trends. Recently, The Davido and Chioma “Assurance” trend…

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Intense Social Engineering

Learn How to Grow a Successful Startup at Intense Social Engineering

Are you a Tech Startup Founder? If your answer is yes, you probably know that being a tech startup founder can be very difficult especially in an emerging market like Nigeria. It comes with lots of challenges that can threaten the existence of your business. These challenges could include customer acquisition, fund raising, book keeping,…

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Digital Marketing certification

Why a Digital marketing certification would help your Career in Nigeria

Digital Marketing is a big deal in the present-day business world, a skill that definitely increases value to employers. A degree is totally important, but these days; since the evolvement of digital media, what’s counted as more important is your certification in highly demanded skills. One of which is digital marketing. Starting a career is…

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Social network business

Top Social Networks and how they can be used for business

    Social media use has taken off around the world and as we say in this part of the world “Naija no dey carry last”. As with every platform where people meet, there are always opportunity for trade to exist. Products and services can be bought or sold and revenue can be generated, social…

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Making money online

How to make money online in Nigeria- 7 ways to boost your Income

  The Internet has minted several high profile fortunes since it really broke through in the 90’s. From the Google guys, Larry Page and Sergey Brin to Mark Zuckerberg. These mind boggling sums have led millions of people to try to make their own fortunes online. The great thing about the Internet is, you can…

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How to choose the right online advertising agency for your business

Choosing the right online advertising agency is crucial for your business success. You must select the right marketing agency that will not only understand your marketing needs but solve every of your marketing problems. So also deliver best results possible. In Nigeria, a lot of businesses are now incorporating digital marketing to their overall marketing…

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How to run an online business in Nigeria

It’s no news that the internet age has come to stay! You must have heard of people who make thousands and even millions from running an online business and you wonder how they do it— is it magic? Of course it’s not. It’s something you too can do if you’re ready to dedicate your time…

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Social media manager

5 Skills Every Social Media Manager Must Have

With a lot of businesses tapping into the potentials and benefits of social media comes a greater demand for social media managers.  Social media managers are representations of your business online. The general purpose of having one is to guide your organisation’s social media strategy, to boost visibility on social media and for customer engagement.…

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