WhatsApp Video Call

Finally! WhatsApp Video Call Is Here!

After the long wait, WhatsApp has finally announced to its more than one billion users the availability of its video call feature. According to reports, WhatsApp have been testing this feature for a couple of months now and it is in fact one of the most anticipated feature as the users have been requesting it for years now.

Using the WhatsApp video call feature is just as easy, when you tap on the call icon at the top right, there’s an option for ‘video call’ and that starts up a video call immediately with that WhatsApp contact. If the person you are calling is yet to update, then WhatsApp will simply make a phone call to that contact instead of presenting you with both options.

WhatsApp Video Call


As you call, you can switch between the rear- and the front-facing camera of your device and you can mute the microphone as well.

In all of this, the major advantage is that video calling on WhatsApp is cross-platform as opposed to Apple FaceTime which only works with iOS devices. As it is with regular chats, so it is with video calls; all WhatsApp video calls are fully encrypted to prevent unauthorized access from snoopers.

WhatsApp Video Call


With the introduction of WhatsApp Video Call, it is safe to say that WhatsApp is now at par with Facebook Messenger, Skype, Facetime and Viber

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