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Influencers and how they can grow your brand.

  We all want power.We want to be able to call the shots and make people do what we tell them.It’s not enough to have only those physically around you agree to everything you say, now social media has made us all power hungry. Likes and followership have become the new currency of self worth…

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Increase profits

Ten features your website must have to increase your sales

Every business needs a website. Not only does it bring together your online presence into one center, it also plays the important role of being the virtual representation of your company.Certain features being in or out can help or hurt the bottom line , so it is very important to take these into consideration when…

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Video Marketing tools - Intense.ng

5 Useful Tools to Kickstart Your Video Marketing Campaigns

Looking to get started with video marketing for your brand or business and don’t have enough resources for production? Good news! You can now do it yourself with certain tools! Videos are a fast rising content type absolutely needs to be part of your marketing strategy this year. They help achieve effective communication to your audience,…

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Twitter Influencers

Twitter Influencers, What They Do For Your Business

If you’re not on twitter, the social media platform can appear like a big and intimidating mystery. But as we all know Twitter is easy to follow and its a great avenue to get news and information, especially for specific audiences. Twitter Influencers, however are thought leaders in these specific audiences, they most likely have a…

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WhatsApp Video Call

Finally! WhatsApp Video Call Is Here!

After the long wait, WhatsApp has finally announced to its more than one billion users the availability of its video call feature. According to reports, WhatsApp have been testing this feature for a couple of months now and it is in fact one of the most anticipated feature as the users have been requesting it…

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Facebook Backpack

Mark Zukerberg Breaking New Grounds With Facebook Backpack

Facebook is constantly evolving as it has produced yet another computer network innovation that will once again increase the value of the $41 billion network tech industry. And Facebook is planning to totally share it with the world for free, putting commercial network tech vendors on notice. The new innovation revealed on Tuesday is called Backpack and…

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Why You Need To Love What You DO

Why You Need to Love What You Do

This post is inspired by the spirit of the season…..Valentine’s day….LOL. Why You Need To Love What You Do O Nigeria our dear country. A nation where we go to school for 16 years or more not really knowing why except the fact that when we get out we want to be rich no matter…

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What is PPC, CPA, CPC And Other Digital Marketing Terms Explained

Most times when we deal with clients who have little or no knowledge about digital marketing, we usually experience difficulties relating with them on our course of action for their digital campaign. If people knew at least the basic terminologies used in Digital Marketing, this would enable clients get more value for their money and…

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Are You Really A Business If You Don’t Have A Website?

A few days ago, I was having a chit chat with a group of friends at a popular bar in the highbrow area of lekki phase 1. It was a beautiful scenery. The streets were bright with lights from cars and gigantic electronic billboards. This was few minutes past 12 am and everywhere was still…

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Misconceptions About Digital Marketing In Nigeria Part 2

In this second and concluding part of the misconceptions about digital marketing series, I would write on three more ideologies that modern day businesses and corporations should change. In the first part of the series, I wrote on twitter trending and its illogical use. In this post, I would write on the following misconceptions and…

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