Growth hacking

Growth Hacking and how to do it.

Take a look at the “Start-ups” of the day,  one minute they are in a one room apartment ,  next thing they are valued at billions of dollars, all in the span of a few years. How did they grow so fast? Well there’s lots of reasons but the main reason, is they focused on…

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Digital Marketing Trends

Digital Marketing Trends set to dominate 2018

2018 holds a lot of secrets, but one thing’s for sure, there will be a lot of changes that brands and digital marketers will have to be aware of to make appropriate changes. Here’s some trends you can expect to see in what proves to be an exciting 2018.   Facebook stories have become a…

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10 Ways to get your SEO Ranking Higher and your Website Found.

You got a website for your business, congratulations. That’s just the start of it, because at the same time your website went live, so did a million others. How do you stand out? What sets you apart when people are searching for what it is they can find on your website? The answer is SEO.…

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