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5 Steps to Becoming A Better Graphic Designer

I remember vividly when I was an undergraduate at Covenant University. I picked up interest in graphic design when I saw my close friend doing a lot of crazy designs and girls loving him for it. Well, apart from the female benefits that it brought him, I was always amazed by how easily he could come up…

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Misconceptions About Digital Marketing In Nigeria Part 2

In this second and concluding part of the misconceptions about digital marketing series, I would write on three more ideologies that modern day businesses and corporations should change. In the first part of the series, I wrote on twitter trending and its illogical use. In this post, I would write on the following misconceptions and…

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Misconceptions about Digital Marketing in Nigeria Part 1

I mentioned in our last post on getting hired in the digital marketing industry in Nigeria that, many agencies and even clients do not have a clear understanding of what digital marketing is all about. What we’ll try to do in this post is to clarify some common misconceptions and myths surrounding digital marketing and it’s…

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