Young Adult Professionals and Entrepreneurs

Young Adult Professionals and Entrepreneurs

Young Adult Professionals and Entrepreneurs (YAP&E) is a company committed to providing a platform for young professional adults & entrepreneurs to connect, share ideas and expand their network through networking, exhibitions, workshops and seminars, these events help improve the quality of their career/business and social life.

Young Adult Professionals and Entrepreneurs (YAP&E)


Solution for Young Adult Professionals and Entrepreneurs

Content Strategy

We created a content strategy which comprehensively included types of content to share i.e. videos, compelling images etc. This includes the promotion/sharing of educational, inspirational/motivation content which followers engage with on a daily basis.

YAP&E content strategy


Collaboration and partnership

Initiated collaboration with individuals and brands across different industries for networking and workshop events.

YAP&E partnership strategy


Lead generation and also event promotion

YAP&E lead generation


YAP&E lead generation and event promotion


Blog stories

Informative blog posts were written on the blog to educate and share experiences with its readers.

YAP&E blog stories


Email marketing

Email marketing was also employed to stay top of mind in our followers and for event promotion.


YAP&E email marketing



Having worked with YAP&E from June 2014, our combined efforts helped YAP&E reach over 13, 214 young adults in Nigeria monthly and these led to –


  • Increased reach/brand awareness
  • Social media following – we grew the social media following to over 6,000 on Facebook, and over 2,500 on Instagram and over 1,300 on Twitter.
  • Gaining between 15 – 60 attendees at the monthly events
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