Why your SEO expert knows more than you do

Why your SEO expert knows more than you do

A lot of clients usually go the do it yourself route when it comes to SEO… In some cases these clients are lucky enough to have found some bogus “SEO Plan” being sold on some website somewhere that would tell you what you need to do so you can achieve high rankings by yourself. In many other cases these clients may just go ahead and DO IT!

One of two things happens generally:

  1. The client ends up with short lived success or…
  2. The client sees no results at all.

It’s like this, a client who is trying out a “do-it-yourself” software or technique is clearly trying to save money—yes? Exactly! So the first chance they get once they see some nominal results, they will quit using said software or do it yourself plan and gradually begin to depend solely on their own “knowledge” of the optimization game… I put knowledge in quote because these clients believe they have SEO knowledge when in actuality they do not.

Then the regression will begin, either due to human factor or a lack of knowledge for continuity – because SEO goes beyond one or two things. It is such a broad field that no 2 or 3 things are a constant in a list of various SEO campaigns. No 2 clients’ needs are ever the same and keeping this in mind is the first step to realizing an SEO company or agency with an excellent track record will always know better than the untrained mind.

But let’s say the subject continues to use said software it is only a matter of time before the client falls victim of over-optimization techniques and/or outdated methods. For example, on April 21st Google began to roll out “Mobilegeddon”. A critical update that punishes websites that are not mobile optimized or properly responsive. A software would never tell you that, neither will a software teach you how to make your website mobile friendly – or do it for you for that matter. This is only one of a barrage of possible examples.

Never be too rigid to hire professionals to help you especially in technical fields like Search Engine Optimization and proper Product design. Presentation and Visibility is almost everything. Almost!


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