Why You Need to Love What You Do

Why You Need to Love What You Do

This post is inspired by the spirit of the season…..Valentine’s day….LOL.

Why You Need To Love What You Do

O Nigeria our dear country. A nation where we go to school for 16 years or more not really knowing why except the fact that when we get out we want to be rich no matter the occupation. “E no mean, as long as pepper dey rest!” The reality for most is usually very harsh and here’s why. Once you graduate, everybody is rushing to the same industries to get jobs; first choice is the Oil companies, then the Banks. It doesn’t matter if you read zoology or yoruba; you still want to work at Chevron. The competition in these industries is so fierce because 90% of the unemployed population are trying to get jobs available for only 1%. Most of us end up with jobs that make us happy for a couple months, but frustrated and miserable for the rest of our working lives. Have you ever thought that, there are some industries that pay very well where getting a job is as easy as puff puff? Better still why don’t you look at it like this. What would I really be happy doing even if I wasn’t being paid a kobo? I know, I know………… most of you answered like this “eating, sleeping, partying” and probably some other things that can’t be written on our squeaky clean blog. You’ll have to do better than that my friend. Even though some people make money as food critics by writing reviews on restaurant and hotel meals…. what happens when the food for review is smoked frog legs and medium rare meat that has blood oozing from it? Will you still love your job at that point? You really need to dig deep.  What do I love doing that I can add value to that people would pay me for? Maybe not now but later down the line when I have proven myself as an expert. What brings me joy and happiness whenever I do it?

 Innovation is your best bet. Doing something that has never been done before or doing something in a way it has never been done before. I for example used to work as an accountant, knowing well that abstract things like numbers give me a headache, I hate numbers (even though I have no choice but to love them now as my money is attached to them, you can’t have it all). It took me 3 years to realize that I could not make this my life. I did a little soul searching and found that what I really loved to do was talk and write. What industry would need my services? Journalism and advertising came out tops and I immediately got a job working part time for a blog for FREE. I only worked there for 2 months but learnt enough to set me forth on my journey to self discovery. Four years later and a master’s degree in Marketing communication, I am now the founder of an advertising agency and a content publishing platform. In case you didn’t know, a digital marketing agency is also an advertising agency, we just focus on digital platforms. Digital because, the traditional advertising agencies already had enough competition. My love for speaking, writing, creative expression coupled with my affinity for computers and tech led me to this point. It has been exciting journey with challenges everyday but well worth it.

I’m still on my path of discovery because you really never stop narrowing your focus, but I’m enjoying every bit of it. I’m not rich yet….. yes I said it, but I’m well on my way there and when I get there I won’t have to write a blog post for you to know. The moral of this story is….. Do what you love, love what you do, be consistent, never settle and the money will follow……..soon enough.

  • Benson
    Posted at 00:02h, 13 February Reply

    Well thought of Mr Leye. Keep the spirit up. Your work as a speaker and writer is affecting many Nigerians already positively.

  • Gloria
    Posted at 00:37h, 16 June Reply

    This was a very good piece. Along the lines, I’d pause and think and even write. I love to write and talk as well, am taking steps to developing it. Although am studying Economics currently, am still trying to paint a picture of what can be done with it. Its not so easy. Thanks once more for this awesome piece.

  • Valentine
    Posted at 06:49h, 10 January Reply

    This is really a sincere write up. Very rich in content and encouraging.

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