Why Every Company In Nigeria Needs A Blog On Their Website

Why Every Company In Nigeria Needs A Blog On Their Website

If you are above 13 years of age, I believe you know there’s a difference between a weblog – the long form of blog – and a website proper. I would not go into the details of highlighting the differences and similarities between the two. That has been reserved for a later blog post.  I recall speaking to one our clients, who wanted us do search engine optimization for his E-commerce website that just launched. After we did our SEO audit of his website, we recommended that he put up a company blog to help achieve his goals.

You would not believe the surprise look on his face. He asked us if we are trying to make his company another Linda Ikeji. Now that was really hilarious at that time. He clearly did not know what a blog was and just saw it as an entertainment and gossip tool primarily. Every SEO genius that exists in the world today, recommends that all companies should have a blog in which they write posts at least once a week. The posts could be industry news which may be on a weekly basis. It could be anything that relates to your company and business.

In this post, I will try to highlight a number of reasons why I believe every Nigerian company should get a blog and a manager for that blog. Let’s go there!

3 Reasons Why Companies Should Have A Blog

It Helps You Engage With Customers

Having a blog on your website makes it very easy for you to relate and build trust with your customers. You can share insights about your industry that answers questions customers are looking for. A special weapon most companies utilize is creating ‘How-To’ blog posts. This type of post is aimed at providing solutions and guidance which most people are looking for online.

Secondly, having a blog enables you receive feedback from your customers. This happens when customers comment on specific topics of interest. This feedback can then be used to provide more value for users of your products thereby retaining them over a long period of time.


It Makes Your Company Human. Gives It A Voice

The skills needed in writing blog posts differ from that needed in writing thesis and research papers. What does this mean? It simply means that when writing blog posts, plain and simple English is used to communicate with readers. This plain language is the everyday language people use at Ikeja City Mall, Shoprite and even inside danfo bus. When readers come across articles written that way, they feel connected to a person not just a big building at Marina.

Unlike PhD thesis where words such as; exacerbate, vilify, higgledy piggledy are used, blog posts are written with the agenda of connecting with the common man. Nobody wants to come to your site and feel like he is solving Quantum Physics – Well unless he is Patrick Obiahagbon.

Improves Your Search Rankings

I guess this was quite obvious. Having a blog on your website creates fresh content on your site which Google adores and worships. This makes it easy for you to get found online when people carry out search on search engines. As much as content is king, quality content is queen. The quality of your content should not be compromised for volume.

It is best that a schedule is created for the type of contents you would be putting on your blog. I would recommend that companies just starting out in blogging should write one post per week of at least 800 words. Then gradually the frequency of posting can increase.


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