Why a Digital marketing certification would help your Career in Nigeria

Why a Digital marketing certification would help your Career in Nigeria

Digital Marketing is a big deal in the present-day business world, a skill that definitely increases value to employers. A degree is totally important, but these days; since the evolvement of digital media, what’s counted as more important is your certification in highly demanded skills. One of which is digital marketing. Starting a career is a very big stage for anyone, the time between when you are freshly out of school and choosing a path to build on as a career. It is the stage where we start our journey into professionalism, the stage where you want to find and keep a good job.

In Nigeria, the news has always been that there are more people than there are jobs, but the people who actually get the jobs are the ones with the skills every employer needs. The skills every business needs. Digital marketing is in demand everywhere, every industry needs a healthy presence online, since that’s where their customers are.

Being certified technically means you’ve gone through the required training of a skill and have grown to being a professional.  With Digital Marketing, What every company needs is an expert, someone who has had his hands on the job and understands it well enough to be trusted. A certification gives you an edge.

Digital marketing certification

It helps you come across as an expert, especially if your certification is from a reliable source.

It would help to know why a Digital Marketing certification would help your career in Nigeria. Here’s why:

  1. Employability:

Businesses exist to be profitable and reach a wide-range of audience. The reliable skill to give them that, is Digital Marketing. Being certified as a Digital Marketer guarantees that you know the industry to a professional level. Your chances of being employed and retained is naturally higher. Every business needs a Digital Marketer in the team; it’s in such high demand not just in Nigeria, but all over the world.

  1. Foster Your Credibility

It’s easy to say you are a Digital Marketer, anybody with the simplest digital skills identify themselves as Digital Marketers, employers know all about that. The difference between a beginner and a professional is the certification that stands as a credible proof. Certificates are generally acknowledged in Nigeria, especially by employers. It fosters your credibility as a professional Digital Marketer.

  1. Value

When a company cannot afford to lose you, it is only because of your value to them. No business can stand a decline in visibility, especially their online visibility. A certified Digital Marketer is there to put things in place, ensuring that they stay active and alive online.

  1. Professional

Digital Marketing is a skill that applies to every industry, a certification makes you credible even to businesses outside your day job. It positions you as a professional and a go-to person for online needs. There’s so much that happens on the internet, businesses always have the need to be hire a professional Digital marketer to handle their online campaigns for maximum turn-overs. They can trust you with that.

  1. Transferrable Skill

The experience you get from handling one business can definitely be applied in as much businesses you get into, it’s an ever-green certification that makes you wanted as an expert across all industries. It’s a one-size-fits-all skill that gives you a place in every industry you walk into.

  1. Start Your Own Career

A lot of successful businesses started from industry trainings. Digital Marketing is one of the most lucrative skills to have. It opens a lot of business opportunities if you are looking to start a career in that line.

There are so many aspects of Digital Marketing to choose from, all that’s important is that you know your onion and you’ll deliver all the time. Sometimes, being self-taught isn’t all it takes to break into the business world, it takes an accredited training body to open you up to the real secrets you won’t find anywhere else. Digital marketing trainings with in-depth focus on key trends and materials; are always a good way to go.

  1. Creative

Being a Digital Marketing expert increases your creativity, it’s a job that requires you to constantly think deep. The most important part of being an expert is the ability to sit down with a concept for a few minutes and create something applauding. That’s the part of the skill every employer is hiring for, your creative ability as a digital marketing expert.

Things go viral everyday and people get tired of seeing the same things over and over again, you bring in the creative twist that gets all the attention again.

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A certification gives your career a boost for sure, but more than just being certified; practical skills keeps you in the job. Actually being able to deliver the results as expected.

Every month, different people become professionals in Digital Marketing from in-depth and intense trainings by market leaders. You only need one of such trainings.

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