What is PPC, CPA, CPC And Other Digital Marketing Terms Explained

What is PPC, CPA, CPC And Other Digital Marketing Terms Explained

Most times when we deal with clients who have little or no knowledge about digital marketing, we usually experience difficulties relating with them on our course of action for their digital campaign. If people knew at least the basic terminologies used in Digital Marketing, this would enable clients get more value for their money and also save agencies some headache.

Highlighted in this blog post are the necessary and basic terms used in digital marketing that everyone should know.


Digital Marketing Terminologies


1. PPC

Also know as pay-per-click this type of paid search marketing involves placing advertisements that run in specific places in Search engine results. They are above, besides and sometimes below the free search-engine listings on Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Typically, to get the highest position among these ads, website owners place a per-click bid. It’s not uncommon to participate in a bidding war for coveted top spots.

2. CPA

Cost-per-action is a metric for measuring the effectiveness of an Internet advertising campaign. Take the total cost of the campaign, divide it by the number of desired responses (actions), and the result is the cost of each customer action.

3. CPC

Cost-per-click A method of paying for targeted traffic. For a fee, sites like Google or Facebook direct traffic to your site. You agree to pay a set amount for every click.

4. CTR

Click-through-rate is the percentage of those clicking on a link from those to whom the link was displayed.

5. CPM

CPM  is short for cost-per-thousand views of an online advert. In this form of campaign, advertisers pay a certain amount of money for every 1,000 customers who see their ad, regardless of conversion rates or click-throughs or any action taken. The “M” in “CPM” is derived from the Latin word for 1,000 (mille). Most times, CPM campaigns are used for awareness purposes.

6. Adwords

AdWords is a  Google product that allows website publishers to purchase keyword targeted cost-per-click (CPC) contextual advertisements that are displayed along with search results on Google and their partner content sites.

7. Impression

This is an instance of an organic search-engine listing or sponsored ad being served on a particular Web page or an image being viewed in display advertising.


Here are just a bunch of important terminologies used in the Digital Marketing field that everyone should know.

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