Your website should not only look nice, it should turn visitors into customers. As a website owner, you want to attract more traffic to your site. Most times, the real problem is that you are not converting the people that visit your website into customers. Designing a website without a good understanding of a how a visitor can find their way around the website is usually the reason why visitors don’t turn into customers.
At Intense, we don’t just start by designing your website; instead we ask the question:

What Do You Want People To Do When They Visit Your Website?


Call you?

new-email-envelope-back-symbol-in-circular-outlined-buttonSend you their email address?

Web-design-buyBuy Something?

webiste- design-domain-registrationRead more about your business

Your website’s design should be informed by one or more of these goals. Visitors would leave your website once there is no call to action or instruction for them. You have less than 10 seconds to tell visitors who you are, what you do, how you’re going to help them, and why they should choose you to help them. Pages that are not designed with the visitor’s journey in mind experience over 70% of visitors leaving your website after viewing just one page for a short period of time. Don’t waste money driving traffic to your website through ads and SEO only to lose your visitors due to poor user experience.

The Web Design Determines the User Experience

Exceptional user experience is what makes excellent web design. Aesthetics and beauty should not be the main focus in developing websites. When we design websites at Intense, these are the factors we take into consideration


Content Organization

How will information be organized?
How will new content be added to your website?

It’s more than just adding a blog; we will figure out how to design the website for engagement based on the structure of the navigation.



How many clicks does it take for a user to get to useful information?
How easy is it to navigate around your website?

We will use our insight to improve user experience, which will help you capture more potential customers for your business.



Start with your objective in mind

What do you want your website visitors to achieve on your website? We also conduct research to understand your industry and make sure your website stands out from that of your competitors. This will help us to pay attention to your Unique Selling Proposition


Implement Best Practices

 We will recommend the best practices to make sure that your website is easy for visitors to navigate. We do not suggest layouts that will confuse your visitors. One of the things you are paying for is our knowledge on what works best on the web.


Provide User-Friendly Control

We build our websites with long-term use and management in mind. Our websites are built on content management platforms like WordPress which are easy to use. This makes it easy for our clients to edit text and add new content in the future.



UX Review

Using several tools, we’ll collect quantitative and qualitative data to determine how users want to engage with you.



We lay out some of the major sections of the site and decide what kind of content each section will have.



The wireframes are transformed into full-scale desktop and mobile designs using your branding and color schemes.



At this stage, we begin to build the website and determine what backend functionality you will require to allow your team to update your site.



In this step, we combine your analytics, marketing automation systems, APIs and other tools into the website.


Test and Deploy

Once the site has been fully tested and evaluated by your team, we will make all of the necessary changes that would get your site ready for the world.


Our team provides end-to-end web design service, including:

  • Preliminary testing and user experience review


  • Initial wire-frame layouts and mockups, including mobile


  • Information architecture review for your new site


  • Calls-to-action and engagement points for site visitors
  • Attractive, modern, and mobile-friendly graphic design


  • Search engine optimization for the new site


  • Site map review to determine proper redirection


  • User-friendly back-end administration for your team