5 Useful Tools to Kickstart Your Video Marketing Campaigns

5 Useful Tools to Kickstart Your Video Marketing Campaigns

Looking to get started with video marketing for your brand or business and don’t have enough resources for production? Good news! You can now do it yourself with certain tools!

Videos are a fast rising content type absolutely needs to be part of your marketing strategy this year. They help achieve effective communication to your audience, are attractive and generally provides more value and top of mind awareness to your audience.

According to Hubspot:

  • One third of all the time people spend online is dedicated to watching videos.
  • 90% of customers report that product videos has helped them make purchasing decisions.
  • YouTube reports mobile video consumption grows by 100% every year.
  • 64% of customers are more likely to buy a product online after watching a video about it.
  • 59% of company decision makers would rather watch a video than read an article or blog post.

With these statistics on the growth of video content you don’t want to be riding at the back seat. You can use videos to show behind the scenes footage, to introduce a new product, to offer a promo or tutorial and in many more instances. Below are 5 tools we researched to help you create short videos which can be used for your brand or businesses video marketing campaign.


Lets you create, share, discover, fun photo-video stories set to music you love. It allows you combine images to create short video stories so also a mix of photos and videos to create a final video.

Video Marketing tools - Intense.ng

It’s available on the Apple and Samsung play store for mobile download. You can also search from its categories of already created videos from other users worldwide.


You can use YouTube Video Editor tools to put together clips to create new videos and publish them to YouTube with one click. All of your uploads are added automatically to the Video Editor. Some of the things you can do with Video Editor are:

Combine multiple videos and images you’ve uploaded to create a new video.
Trim your clips to custom lengths.
Add music to your video from a library of approved tracks.
Customize clips with special tools and effects.

Video Marketing tools - Intense.ng
The Video Editor tool isn’t currently able to publish videos that are longer than one hour. You can add transcripts and annotations to your videos to make them truly SEO friendly.


Captivate… Engage… Explain! Anyone can create amazing videos and presentations with PowToon. It is great solution for animated videos, explainer videos which have a professional look and feel.

Video Marketing tools - Intense.ng

There are available templates, characters, backgrounds and transitions or feel free to create your own template from scratch.


Create, edit, and share marketing videos for your business easily. Just drag and drop elements or upload your own images and start animating in a few clicks. Or edit one of its ready-made templates in minutes. It also allows you upload and include your own logos and graphics into your video to make it more attractive.


It has a MATIC feature which uses your data to create personalised videos containing relevant information your audience will remember. These personalised videos can be sent via email to recipients and a number of users have testified to this feature increasing their open and click through rates. It’s limited features allow you to create videos of up to 45 seconds for free.


Is a tool to use if you want to demonstrate a product or service on a computer. Can record on-screen activity for short tutorials, visual presentations, and communicate while you demonstrate. It is most useful if what you’re promoting is a product or service based on the digital space.

Video Marketing tools - Intense.ng

Its free features include 15-minute recordings, Screen & webcam recording, Publish to YouTube, Save as video file sad part is it will contain a watermark. It’s paid for version features no watermark, longer recordings amongst others.


There you have it guys, it’s about time to channel your inner video creating skills. If you know of any other good video creating tools or softwares, let us know in the comments. Also if you will be using any or currently do, kindly let us know!



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