Twitter Influencers, What They Do For Your Business

Twitter Influencers, What They Do For Your Business

If you’re not on twitter, the social media platform can appear like a big and intimidating mystery. But as we all know Twitter is easy to follow and its a great avenue to get news and information, especially for specific audiences. Twitter Influencers, however are thought leaders in these specific audiences, they most likely have a large following and their followers often times believe their tweets and act on it.

You can’t talk about politics on Nigerian Twitter without mentioning Omojuwa (@Omojuwa) or talk about sports without mentioning Colin Udoh (@colinudoh). These are people who are influential in their circle and they command respect in their field.

As a business owner that seeks to grow your following and gain new customers, using influencers is the best way to market your business on twitter. No matter the size of your business, influencer marketing can work for you. Here are a few tips to get you started.

Twitter Influencers

1. Pick The Right Influencer:

We easily run to celebrities as the type of people we would like to promote our business, but honestly a neighborhood restaurant (no matter how good) is unlikely to land a social media promotion deal with Wizkid anytime soon. Its better to build a clear picture of the type of person your audience will likely to connect with. You will hardly find Colin Udoh talking about the latest Louis Vuitton bags or D&G frames.

2. Build Relationships:

The mistake we do most times is trying to market to our new followers as they have arrived. Pushing all our products and services to their faces hoping they’ll buy. This actually turns most people off and they immediately disconnect with your brand and unfollow. The best thing to do is welcome your new followers with a warm message that has NO LINKS  to any of your products or your website, just welcome them. 

Respond, like and retweet their tweets, create an engagement spirit. Be ready to interact and when the time is right, you can now market your products.


3. Be Unique:

Now that you have people’s attention to your brand, you need to be unique with your tweets because unique tweets grab attention. Respond to tweets with a question that sparks a discussion. This has proven to be one of the most effective ways to get your followers to engage with you.


Twitter could be complex and very tricky but a few tweaks here and there, you will discover a brand new set of customers and loyal brand  followers.

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