Top Social Media Platforms to Boost Your Business

Top Social Media Platforms to Boost Your Business

Social media platforms

Social media is an open-ended platform to communicate and engage with your customers and clients. Undoubtedly, in this digital age where almost everyone in Nigeria has access to the internet and is active on 1 or more social networks, the best place you want to be as a business and to reach a wider audience is social media.

In 2017, 71% of internet users worldwide were social network users, and these figures are expected to grow. So far, Nigeria accounts for between 92 – 97 million internet users.

Social Media Platforms

With this much internet users in the country, it’s no wonder why social media platforms are very popular in Nigeria. As at 2016, Facebook recorded 16 million active users in Nigeria. Statistics from reports that Nigeria has over 5 million Instagram users with 80% of them between the ages of 18-44. Twitter has about 3 million users in Nigeria. These numbers keep growing and we can go on and on with stats for each social network!

If you are looking to leverage on the constantly growing power of social media for the life of your business, you’re right on track, because as of now, if your business or brand is not present online; you’re limiting the number of people you can reach and would not exist to some. Sad truth!

You can be doing so much and be all creative as a business, but you’ll be missing out on the much needed visibility and appreciation that you deserve if you are not putting out your work on social media. More than anything else in the world right now, your businesses needs to have a healthy online presence via social media. The amazing thing about this is that you get to deal with real people who are hungry for great content, ready to connect with and believe your brand story if you tell it right.

Below is a projection of the number of active users that flood social media every year since 2010, and a pretty concise projection for the next couple years.

Social Media Platforms

There are over 200 social media platforms out there, but as much as you should be focusing on being out there; you should be more focused on just the platforms that are relevant for you as a business. Look for the platforms where your target audience is most active on and dedicate your full attention to them. By default humans have been programmed to be socially active. Social media has only amplified that with technology and internet.

1. Instagram

There are over 200 social media platforms out there, but as much as you should be focusing on being out there; you should be more focused on just the platforms that are relevant for you as a business. Look for the platforms where your target audience is most active on and dedicate your full attention to them. By default humans have been programmed to be socially active. Social media has only amplified that with technology and internet.

This app was launched in October 2010, and as at September 2017, it recorded the highest number of active users; 500 million. Imagine that amount of people checking the app everyday and spending good hours digesting feeds from their timelines to their explore page.

Nigeria has over 5 million users with majority of user accounts belonging to males. These numbers are good to sustain your business. Instagram is huge for brand building, but be careful; else you can gain and lose all respect depending on what you are doing out there.

Social Media Platforms

Instagram is a proper social media platform for business, it’s the place you’ll find your target audience, engage with them and likewise have them engaging with your brand. A number of people are very particular about their image on Instagram, how much engagement they get and what’s going on in other people’s lives. It’s common to find users always checking the app multiple times in a day.

Use a detailed strategy to help you focus on achieving specific goals e.g I want to increase my followers by X amount or I want to sell additional X units of my products via Instagram. With all these in mind, don’t forget you have your reputation and story to build. Instagram enjoys good content, if you are ready to be creative and consistent with your content, you’ll have real people connecting with what you are about and what you stand for. More than any form of marketing, focus on constantly giving out quality and valuable content, you’ll earn loyal fans that will follow your journey and support you without even knowing.

If you’re a business, ensure you change your profile to a business profile and keep checking on your analytics to know how you’re doing. It helps to check where you can make improvements. You can promote your business via Instagram ads, influencers and general word of mouth conversations. Make proper use of Instagram stories, respond to comments in less than an hour, optimize your profile, use your business address and contact details.  Check in on what similar businesses are doing and look for how you can improve on that experience for your followers. Remember to use captions and be clear with your Call-To-Actions (CTA). Feel free to do occasional giveaways.

Screenshots of Nigerian brands harnessing the power of Instagram

Social Media Platforms

Social Media Platforms

  1. Twitter

Twitter is fast paced. It’s more like a quick thought publishing app. It is always packed with millions of people and conversations talking about everything you can think of – fashion, beauty, style, politics, news, events etc. With Twitter you can get feedback and have people talking about you for various reasons. All this serves as an excellent foundation for your brand, all you need to do is strategically key into conversations. Or better still be the topic for the conversations.

There are about 3 million Twitter users in Nigeria. If you aim to reach the whole Nigerian audience, you can run Twitter Ads and also work with influencers in your business category from time to time. The more people talk about your brand or a certain keyword relating to your business you might just become a trending topic, furthering visibility to a wider audience. With increased character limit to 280 from the previous 140, get ready to see and read more conversations.

Twitter is one of the most popular Social Networks worldwide, with 330 million active monthly users as at the third quarter of 2017. It has become the go-to place for the voice of the people, being a micro-blogging platform where every user is at liberty to “tweet” their minds in whatever area they are concerned with. Call- out the loop holes of brands and keep up with trends all over the world. Twitter is a very powerful business tool for profitable marketing that is sure to bring returns in both reach and brand-reputation. Amongst its numerous functions is the ability to monitor mentions of your brand from users, so if one has complains, you’re on top of addressing it, and if it’s a review or testimonial, you should amplify it. Another feature that will be useful to your brand is the audience insights, you can see what topics your followers mostly want to see and create content for those topics. That way, your followers sense that you actually care about them.

People love to vote on topics that are trending, Twitter helps you know what and who people prefer, using the Poll feature.

Social Media Platforms

  1. Facebook

Facebook is still the most popular social network on the internet. It resonates with the young, middle age and the elderly. It’s about the best place to have your business seen by a really huge number of people and even get your content to go viral, since people feed on news and engaging content. Apart from the ability to network with friends and relatives, you can even market or promote your business, brand and products by using paid Facebook ads.

Facebook’s Nigerian market is doing impressive with over 16 million active accounts. As a business who wants to make the most of these numbers, you should ensure you launch a Facebook business page if you don’t already have one. With a business page, you’ll have access to insights which shows you how well your posts are doing and what you can do to measure up. Although the young audience is gradually moving away, they happen to have found their love and addiction on other Social platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest. People between the ages of 25-54, are very much active on there.

Use the ‘live’ features every now and again to show behind the scenes of your business environment and processes. For a business to thrive on social media it also needs to show its human side, this resonates more with followers. They will see your brand as more relatable and somewhat be drawn to it. Facebook is no doubt, a very profitable platform for business, it has the numbers and you’ll find out that a decent number fall within your target audience.

Facebook has the demographics for whatever market, targeting your content to the right audience gets you a healthy reach.

Social Media Platforms

  1. Snapchat

A social media platform with 100 million active users consuming at least 30-minutes of content everyday is definitely a good place to focus your creativity and strategies on. Snapchat is the pioneer of ‘stories’; a fun way to keep up with friends and family, via images and videos posted on the platform. The catch is that it only lasts 24 hours but you can view a Snapchatter’s story as many times as you’d like before it is no longer available! Snapchat stories also shows you know when someone takes a screenshot of your snap! Cool right.

It is an addiction for more than half of its users who are young people below between the ages of 16-35. If you are a business that is keen on clear and interesting videos for the consumption of your audience, then you want to give Snapchat a go.

Snapchat is more video content, pictures come second and the filters have been the biggest things that have made us users, stick with it. It takes a lot of marketing strategies, creative work and consistency to get what you want off the internet; you just need to find what works for you out there.

It’s been seven years since the creation of Snapchat, exactly September 2011 and the platform has since seen massive progress and use by millennials all over the world. The internet really does not have a restriction, it is equally available for everyone and you can always change your focus to reach people from different parts of the world if that’s what you want.

  1. YouTube

If you want something to stick with your audience, use an engaging video. YouTube has 1.3 billion active users with more than 5 billion videos being watched every day, I don’t see how you can’t take advantage of these record-breaking numbers and be recognised on this platform. Video content do a lot better than pictures when they are relatable, detailed, clear, informative and interesting, plus YouTube gets over 30 million visitors per day.

For a business that has a blog and is looking to convert readers into customers, having a YouTube channel is an added way to get some level of traffic because it is Google owned. It is proven that Google shows more recognition to links that appear on their various products, that’s some SEO boost for your website and SEO is the traffic that makes a successful site.

YouTube videos are easily integrated on all Social Media platforms, so it’s easy to get your content shared across all platforms; expanding your reach. It takes quality video content to get people to wait after the first 10 seconds into your video, so you have the intro has to be captivating enough.

This is one way YouTube is rewarding, taking the time to make your content informative and interesting

Social Media Platforms

Here’s a Slideshare presentation summarizing everything in a couple pages:

[slideshare id=91711546&doc=topsocialmediaplatformstoboostyourbusinessslideshare-180323182121]

6. LinkedIn

This is a distant Social Media platform from the rest, mainly because it is for businesses and professionals updating recognisable and high quality profiles. LinkedIn is a trusted platform for professional content across difference industries, the ideal place to target the working-class, entrepreneurs and entry-level professionals who have interest in your service. 520 million users is not a joke to just skip if you are looking to expand your audience and reach using Social Media. It is a more targeted and focused platform with serious minded individuals interested in quality and detailed content. You’ll be converting a great deal of these people if you maximize and make the best of content that you have.

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