Top 5 Social Media Tools to Increase Sales in Nigeria

Top 5 Social Media Tools to Increase Sales in Nigeria

Isn’t social media one of the best things to have happened in the past 10 years? Using it has brought a versatile twist in the way we communicate among ourselves and with those far away. These days, you only need a touch of a button and you’re communicating real time with the people across the world.

Social media has played its part in creating awareness and opportunities for businesses, interacting with prospects and customers, providing comic relief and even education. The world has gotten too used to Social media that we’ve forgotten what life felt like before it. You know how something grand comes in and takes front row seats; that’s social media for you!

If there’s a single place you’re sure to find the whole world actively spending hours on, it is definitely social media. The numbers keep increasing as time goes on, imagine the world being at 7.5 billion people and 4 billion of us have access to the Internet with 3 billion active social media users. Now let’s go local with stats. Nigeria ranks as number 8 of the top 10 countries with the most internet users. As at June 2017, the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) reported internet users in Nigeria to be around 92 million users. These are more than enough stats to convince any business to leverage on the power of Social media so as to make a mark out there.

At the end of the day, making sales and profits are the end goals of most businesses. These days; social media is the most explored channel for good turn-over because obviously, that’s where the numbers are. To increase sales for your business using social media tools, firstly we recommend that you have a basic knowledge of social media; you can learn more about social media for business here or attend a suitable training. See more here

Having this knowledge beforehand will eventually make your efforts more profitable. Here are the top 5 social media tools that with numerous features that can help your business reach as many people and increase your sales in Nigeria.

Social Media Tools:


Do you know you can have your social media content scheduled all across your active accounts in little time so you can focus your efforts on connecting and engaging prospective customers in your target audience? That is probably the reason why over 10 million professionals use Hootsuite. Social media can be a lot of work, keeping up and actively putting out content at different times when can be a lot to manage, but with Hootsuite; all you have to do is dedicate a particular time of the day to create content for nearly a week and schedule.

Yes you have scheduled content, how does that translate to sales? With features like social listening and brand monitoring, you can set up search streams for keywords relating to your business industry, or other keywords you know your customers are using to search for or talk about your products. Ensure to check the streams you set up at least 4 times a day so you don’t miss out on conversations that give an opportunity for you to make sales.

With listening you can see when a user complains about your competitor’s product, here’s a golden opportunity to show empathy and subtly introducing your brand to the person. Social listening works well in different scenarios bear in mind that you need to be tactful with your approach. It’s a great way to research a market and initiate conversation leading to a sale. It also allows you to build deeper relationships with existing clients that drives them to purchase again and again

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Just like Hootsuite, you get to add your different social media accounts and schedule posts for each account. A key feature of Buffer is its post optimisation. This way, you don’t have to worry about the best time of the day to publish your content and get the most engagement. Buffer shares your content at the best performing times. For this effort to result in sales, you have to study your audience and know what time they’re most likely to be online, and also the exact things they’re looking for. If you work with these insights and your products is what they’re searching for on social media, your sales go up.


Nimble will automatically identify contacts’ social profiles on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter so that you and your team can easily connect, listen and engage with your most important business associates.  See Nimble as a social relationship manager which allows you stay in touch with the key people who are potential advocates, influencers or customers for your product or service.

Developing these relationships is very important for your business. By effectively managing and growing these relationships, you have a much better chance to focus your business on the relationships that are important and leads to increased revenue. Effectively managing social media can be a real drain on time. By being more organized and efficient with your social media activity, you will save significant time.

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This is a social media tool you definitely want to explore while still maximizing the ones that already work for you. After sharing and scheduling your posts across your platforms, it takes note of your evergreen posts and re-shares them. The posts that never really stop doing well every time it goes out, those are your evergreen posts and this tool just goes ahead and re-shares them for you, that means more engagement and traction. Imagine you have an evergreen post that is specifically talking about a range of products or services you offer, this post will be re-shared to your audience and here’s an opportunity to make additional sales.

Social media

  1. IFTTT

Stands for “If This Then That” this tool brings the awareness that social media is an all-round job and everything has to be linked to make it work. For a business that has to manage blogs and Social media, IFTTT has all your platforms linked together so when a blogpost is published, it automatically creates a tweet and shares it on Twitter. If your business has a blog, here’s a good chance to use content marketing to drive sales. A lot of users prefer it because instead of being present on all platforms; it makes sure that your content is shared without you having to do too much.

Majority of these tools; if not all, may require a monthly or yearly payment if you want to use its full feature. For starters, you will get at least a 14-day free trial. The above listed are some of the tools you have to leverage on to turn your social media experience around for the best.


Here’s a slideshare presentation summarizing everything in a couple pages:

[slideshare id=91147626&doc=smtools-180319112828]

Businesses don’t thrive on the same manual things you think you have to do. You only need to do smart work especially on social media to reap the numerous benefits for your business. Social media is totally here to stay. You better tap into it for your business sake because that’s where every potential customer spends the most of their time and attention.

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