The Proper Way To Use Instagram For Your Business

The Proper Way To Use Instagram For Your Business

Have you thought of increasing your brand’s online presence? One effective tool to do this is Social Media. The most common ones are Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

In this blog post, we are particular about using Instagram to increase profits for businesses. If you do not have one, here are the simple steps to take.

  1. Download the Instagram App on Google Playstore or Apple Store
  2. Fill in the form fields with the necessary details
  3. Ensure to maintain brand consistency when selecting a handle. i.e make sure that your handle is similar to the handles or usernames in you other social media accounts.
  4. Upload a befitting profile picture. (preferably your brand logo)
  5. Add a link to your website
  6. Lastly, connect your account to Facebook and let your friends and followers know you are now on Instagram too

Setting up an Instagram account is pretty simple its the steps beyond creating an account that many companies find difficult.

The next paragraphs would discuss some tips and examples that businesses can capitalize on to improve their online presence via Instagram.

#1 Get Familiar With How to Use Instagram for Business

Corporate bodies have been signing up on Instagram in large numbers. So, Instagram decided to start a blog that provides insights, tips and best practices on how to maximize the platform. You can view Instagram for business.

How to use instagram for business in Nigeria

Visit the blog from time to time to keep up with the latest improvements and updates. This could help you in defining new strategies in using Instagram for your business growth.

#2 Balance With Different Content Types

Your business page should have a reasonable balance of different image types. You can post funny pictures, ask questions or riddles, wisdom quotes, pictures of your staff working, pictures of your various facilities. The aim is not to bore your audience with just one type of content.


Monitor the engagement your audience has with your posts to find out what they like.

#3 Get a Decent Amount of Followers

There is no point creating content for an empty room. Try to build your audience with the following strategic actions.

  1. Connect your account to Facebook and Twitter
  2. Make use of popular and relevant hashtags
  3. Engage with others by commenting and liking their pictures

Getting the right audience can boost the brand positively. Not only that, they can become ambassadors of your product or service by sharing content you produce with their own followers.


#4 Use Videos

Videos have a way of captivating an audience in a way that pictures can not. So, apart from posting pictures of events or staff, you can also make good use of Instagram’s video feature to create engagement with your followers.

instagram video

 #5 Follow Your Followers

It is good practice to follow a certain number of your followers back. This helps to build a relationship between your company and your audience.

Also, it helps you get feedback and know what your audience is talking about. Tap the follow button; it doesn’t hurt.

#6 Make Use of a Flexible Content Calendar

The feed speed on Instagram is still quite slow unlike twitter where content is posted every second.  If you post a lot of content everyday, you would end up overwhelming the feeds of your followers.

Decide what you want to post and create a calendar to guide you. This would enable you track what works and what doesn’t.

#7 Run Photo Contests

Organizations can host photo competitions on their page with a prize reward. This is a proven strategy used in creating engagement and building relationships with an audience. This also gives the brand an opportunity to gain more followers and exposure. Do not forget to use a suitable hashtag when running your competitions. This would allow you easily track entries and gain visibility too.



#15: Optimize Your Profile

Optimizing your Instagram profile makes your brand look professional. Provide all the necessary details and complete your profile. You must have a Bio description telling your audience about what you do and how you can be reached.  Ensure that your brand logo is well fitted in the space provided for profile pictures.

#16 Reward Your Followers

Brands can reward their followers by giving free of charge their products to their social media followers. An event management company can decide to give out free tickets to a popular show coming up. Also, an e-commerce firm can give out discount coupons and promos to their followers.

Deliver goodies to to your audience so they would always come back to view your page.

#17: Post Pictures of Your Staff

Showcasing pictures of your employees is a way to give a human touch to your brand online. Not only does it present your brand as human, it’s also a way to show appreciation to your staff and show them how much they are cherished.



Intense’s Staff


#18: Use High Quality Images


Ensure the images you post on your social media accounts –  especially Instagram –  is not tacky. Use high resolution images to bring life to your page. Give your audience a visual thrill


This image grabs the attention of any reader

#19: Have fun!

Your business should not be all work and  no play. Instagram is a great platform for displaying the “other side” of your business. You should post pictures of office dinners, get-togethers and any fun activity.


All work and no play would make you boring on Instagram. Post images that show your less serious side to build a stronger bond with your followers.



These are just a few hints on how you can use Instagram to improve your online presence. Feel free to experiment with your ideas too. There is never one way to achieve anything online.

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