The Easiest and Fastest Way To Get Traffic To Your Blog

The Easiest and Fastest Way To Get Traffic To Your Blog

Lol! I just laughed out really loud while re-reading the title of this post. You may ask me why? The answer is there is no “easiest and fastest” way to get traffic to any website or blog. Lol!

Perhaps the more appropriate title should read “How to get traffic to your blog”. Getting traffic to a new website is not a one day job. It takes effort, patience and consistency to build a website and grow its audience. In this blog post I would highlight some things you can do as a newbie or intermediate blogger to increase traffic to your website substantively .

How To Get Traffic To Your Blog

1) Your Website Must Be Appealing

The experience users have on your website would determine whether or not they would return. Your website should be enticing to make readers look forward to seeing new content. Get a good web designer with a good knowledge of front end design to help you develop a really decent looking website. If you are tech savvy, you can visit sites like themeforest and buy good-looking wordpress templates for a sum.

Invest in the design of your website to create a strong brand. This would definitely pay off in the long run.


2) Utilize Social Media to Amplify Your Posts

There are four main Social Media networks most bloggers use to promote their posts. Facebook leads the pack with 1 Billion Users, followed by Twitter with over 200 Million users, then Google+ with over 300 Million users and finally LinkedIn with over 300 Million users.

This metrics show that a lot of people are present in the Social Media ecosystem. This makes sharing and promoting your posts on them a good way to gain exposure and visibility. Make sure you interact with people that share your interests because they are very likely to aid boost your posts to their own networks. Ensure that you don’t use Social Media as just a dumping ground for links and self-promotional content. Make effort to share pictures and any othet thing your audience might be interested in.


3)Optimize Your Blog Posts For Readers and Search Engines

Before you start writing your blog posts, ensure you do adequate key word research. This would enable you write content that people would actually find online based on their search query. Spend adequate time creating quality content that readers would benefit from. Try to write posts that are longer than 300 words, Google would be your best friend for this.

Use the appropriate heading tags to separate your content so that is readable by humans and also friendly to the search engines. If you use images in your post, ensure the image has an alt tag that contains relevant keywords to your post. Images can indeed gain you traffic.


These are 3 steps you can utilize to increase traffic to your website. But if you need professionals to aid you in easing the process, feel free to reach out to us via the button below.

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