Ten features your website must have to increase your sales

Ten features your website must have to increase your sales

Every business needs a website. Not only does it bring together your online presence into one center, it also plays the important role of being the virtual representation of your company.Certain features being in or out can help or hurt the bottom line. It is very important to take these into consideration when setting up and managing a website to get the absolute most out of it.


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1. Call to action

Visitors on your website usually know what they want to do, however a call to action is a way of getting them to do what you want them to do , but please be gentle ,so you don’t scare them off. CTA’s such as “call now” , “Learn more” and “sign up now”are instructions proven to make visitors take action. If you want to get your visitors to subscribe to a newsletter, a call to action such as “sign up now” is an effective, precise. Call to action

2. Online chat features

Instant communication with human customer care agents can get visitors to your website to feel more relaxed about doing transactions. They also get to ask more specific questions that go beyond the general F-A-Q(frequently asked questions) section. Piece of advice: make sure whoever handles your customer care is polite and helpful.

Online chat

3. Contact forms


These are very important as potential customers can leave messages even when you are offline , they  can be very detailed in their specifications and usually leave their emails, giving your lead generation process a leg up.


Contact forms

4. Blog

Blogs help drive traffic to your website and keep your social media presence going. They help convert traffic into leads and establish authority in your spaceo. Most importantly , blogs drive long term results; a blog post written today can generate leads six months from now, in fact 90% of the leads generated by such well known websites as Hubspot come from blog posts that weren’t in the current month.


5. Social Media Sharing


Allowing visitors to easily share content on your website is a no brainer in getting the word out about what you offer, a visitor might have a million followers and just by sharing a blog post on your website, or a product/service info, they have immediately advertised your brand to their network, who in turn can share it with their own network and suddenly a product/service goes viral. This is the nature of social media now, a network also looking to mint new stars and trends, so allowing and making it easy for the social sharing functions to be seen and used is essential to your business capitalizing on opportunities.


6. Google search console integration


This allows you to see where you’re appearing in different search terms. You’re much less likely to be clicked a lot unless you’re in the top 3 results – so this gives you a clear idea of where you might already be doing fairly well SEO wise, and what you need to get to get to the top.  It also gives you some idea of what Google thinks your website is about overall  – which is incredibly helpful when you’re trying to figure out what you should, and shouldn’t be writing about .

 Google search console

7. Google Analytics integration


This tracks and reports web traffic. It gives you an enormous amount of information about who is visiting your site, what they are looking for and how they are getting to your site. It’s very important if you are targeting a specific audience, it shows which of your efforts are paying off. Going further it shows if visitors found your site directly , through a referral from other websites or from search engines. Most importantly, it shows what keywords were used by visitors in search engines to get them to your site-this in particular is very important and very crucial as knowing what keywords people are searching for to get to your site determines if you are on the right track.

 Google analytics

8. Newsletter sign up


Newsletters and the feature that allows visitors sign up for them are valuable marketing tools helping a business maintain contact with it’s customers in the long term. First and most importantly it is a great lead generation tool, once the visitor leaves their email, your business is in a better position to convert them to customers further down the line. You can use it to increase awareness, by giving enough info to create a clear understanding of what you offer. It allows you to get more business from current clients as you offer more products or services without being pushy but still being detailed and in touch.


9. Landing pages

A landing page is a web page that allows you capture a visitor’s information through a lead capture form. Why should you have one? You should absolutely have one  because they help increase your conversion rates. It allows you to target your audience and offer value. .You can build landing pages that allow visitors to download your content offers(E-books , webinars) or redeem other marketing offers such as free trials and demo’s, everyone like’s free stuff ,right ? right.



10. Resources download feature


Whatever your product or service, there is usually content that caters to it. A successful and popular website always makes valuable content easily downloadable. If it’s free and easily downloadable, then visitors will surely make use of it. They will refer a friend or maybe give a shout-out on their social media handles.

The internet has revolutionized sales for a product and service , creating more channels to push a brand. Analytics to find out specific details, lead generation to follow up on potential clients and existing clients. A proper implementation of the features mentioned in this guide is sure to bring your business increased sales and profits. Sign up now for a free website audit HEREFree downloads

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