Surviving Your First Week On A New Job

Surviving Your First Week On A New Job

Hello there, just like it is that every day is someone’s birthday, so it is that everyday people get hired.

This article right here is to give tips to those that just got hired. They are so many things you need to know but I’ll just share a few.


Congratulations! You have just received a letter of employment and you are on your way to start a career, the least you can do is to say thank you to those that have so much faith in you, not just verbally, but by writing too. This goes a long way to show that you are grateful and willing to take up the challenge.


A lot of young people these days tend to jump into a job without knowing what it entails. As you have just been hired please make sure you understand what your job description is, not just what is written in your employment letter but in real life, in the day to day activities that you will have to carry out. Ask questions; understand in clear terms what you need to do, what is expected of you and how you are going to do it. Never Assume!


You are the new guy, obviously everybody is going to be looking at you, and you wouldn’t want them to see you as the ‘new unhappy guy’. Keep a smiling face, say hello with a smile and introduce yourself with a smile. When you smile you open up the door for people to be able to approach you.

Like I learnt, a smile is contagious; it helps take off some first week pressure and makes you look trustworthy. And don’t forget first impression matters too.

INTRODUCE YOURSELF                                                                                                      

In as much as keeping a smiling face is good idea, it could turn out to be a bad idea when nobody is talking to you and you are still on your smiling face mode, to solve this, actively introduce yourself. In the hall ways, kitchen, reception; introduce yourself to people even outside your department. Give an honest compliment in the process.


You now have a job officially, it’s necessary you update it across the various social media platforms that you’re on. You can also start following new colleagues, as you introduce yourself make sure you find them on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. While you are at it, please use discretion, don’t like 13 pictures of your boss on Facebook at the same time, it could backfire badly.

This is also a good way of putting a word out to your friends that could potentially turn out to be your first client.


Turning up late for work on your first week is a clear sign of irresponsibility. You might not be familiar to the route you need to take to get to your work place but try as much as you can to leave early so you can meet up with the work resumption time. And also in some cases, when you’re going for your lunch break make sure you ask to know the stipulated amount of time allocated to lunch breaks and work accordingly to that time. 


Every organisation has its different rules on the dress code of its workers, as you are coming in new make sure you know what the dress code is and live by it. Don’t be caught wearing the irregular on your first week. Look smart and sharp always.


Please be quiet! It is your first week try as much as you can to be calm. Avoid all forms of argument, be it about work or real life issues. If it is about work and your opinion is needed just give your honest opinion and don’t try hard to make everybody see from your point of view, this could create an unknown enmity that could destroy you on the long run. Keep it simple, be friendly but don’t be a loud mouth!


Lastly and most importantly, keep your boss informed. Update your boss on all your activities, this will help you understand your boss and how he operates. Ask him questions; get to know what he personally requires from you because you’ll be spending the next phase of your life with him.


So they you have it, a few tips that will help you navigate through your first week at your new job. Understanding humans is not rocket science, just take your time to watch and observe. Make friends with people you know you can learn from and with people that are willing to teach you.

Congratulations once again!

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