Social media is here to stay! Not only is it useful for keeping up with family and friends, a lot of brands are using social media to represent themselves and connect with prospects.

If you’re yet to adopt social media for your business and still thinking ‘why social media’? I think ‘why not’ should be the counter question. In simple terms, social media is where your customers are. It has proved its effectiveness for finding and connecting with new customers. It is also quite affordable, compared to other types of traditional marketing methods.

With social media, small business owners and even large companies have the opportunity to build awareness, drive sales, and gain new customers. A large number of Nigerians use social media to share opinions, insights, experiences and perspectives with each other. To win over these audiences you have to be totally interactive; employ social listening methods to know what people are saying about your products or industry and feel free to directly engage with such messages. Social media is very conversational and the power of connecting with people can make a difference between your business’ success or failure.

Social media marketing is now a key part of marketing any business. If you’re not implementing it, you’ll be missing out on great opportunities. It is a powerful way to connect with your customers, interact with them and engage them in your products. Social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ and LinkedIn are some platforms where users are most active.  Utilizing these platforms could be beneficial to your business success. Now, let’s run through some reasons why this new method of marketing will be beneficial to the long-term success of your business


  1. Build strong customer relationship

One important benefit that an active social media presence brings to your business is the ability to see firsthand what your customers have to say about your brand. You get to have interactions with your customer base; read their tweets, comments on Facebook and Instagram, and have insights into their daily lives. This way you can tailor your marketing strategy to suit what they want; what kind of posts do they love sharing and what are the posts that have the most likes and engagements? When you find out all of these, use it to your advantage and produce more of it.

Also, social media allows you to address matters using interpersonal dialogue by creating content that will enable customer satisfaction.

  1. Boost your website search engine rankings, traffic and generate leads

For the most part, social media is meant for conversations and relationship building but that doesn’t mean it can’t bring in website traffic too. Google and other search engines take into consideration the activity of social media accounts for web rank. When you publish interesting content that gets lot of engagement, and you include a link re-directing to your website, this can drive traffic to your website and eventually generate leads that in turn become customers. However, it is important to maintain a regular publishing schedule with good content that gets your audience engaged and interested. Gradually, you win more customers and increase sales which really is the ultimate goal.

  1. Increase brand awareness and build customer loyalty

Many businesses globally are utilizing social media to boost their brand awareness. Nigeria accounts for about 97 million internet users, of these, there are about 30 million social media users. Your social media strategy can’t only be focused on existence; you’re just not on social media for the sake of it. As a business, your focus should be on engagement otherwise, anything short of this and you’ll lose out on real customers, which means serious effects on your bottom line. For this to work, ensure the promotional content across all your social media platforms should not be more than 20 %. The other 80% of your content should be about engaging with your customers and sharing relevant content that they will find valuable.

You need to find where your target audience is on these platforms. Create captivating content and build authority. By doing this, you are gradually increasing your awareness and garnering loyalty from customers. Getting customer’s loyalty can be quite difficult, but if done right and effectively, social media marketing can help build a bond between your brand and customers. When you’re engaging and interacting on social media (not just tossing your posts out onto the web hoping someone will stumble upon them) you become less like a corporation and more like what you truly are — a unified group of people who share a vision and care about their customers.

  1. Increase conversion rates

As earlier stated, with social media, you can increase the amount of traffic to your website and generate more leads.  Using social media marketing doesn’t just keep your brand in front of potential buyers but it also helps prospective customers to find you and buy from you. With rightly tailored content, shared at the right time, your audience will definitely be drawn to you.

If you play your cards right, you may even be able to make your customers influence other potential buyers into making a purchase of your product.

  1. It’s cost-effective

Compared to other marketing options, it is basically affordable. Most social networking sites now offer paid advertising services that you can use to boost or promote your messages to a select group of people. With as little as N1, 850 you can run ads on platforms like Facebook/Instagram and Twitter for a day. With social media advertising, you have options to target people based on location, age, behaviors and more. It allows you target those who will mostly take an action.

  1. High ROI on social media ads

Social media ads are relatively cheap as stated earlier. Cheaper than traditional advertising methods. In addition, you have the choice to only pay if certain actions are taken on your ads. Also, you get to measure the performance of your ads to know if it is doing well or not, so you can see if people are resonating with it. You’re also free to make adjustments and optimize your ads for better results.

In conclusion, strategize properly, make sure you understand your target audience and know what social media platforms they’re most active on. The benefits of social media marketing include increasing your market value and making your business a household brand. Make sure you’re not on the verge of losing your customers to competitors.

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