Search Engine Optimization in Nigeria – What successful businesses do right

Search Engine Optimization in Nigeria – What successful businesses do right

Search engine optimization in Nigeria, SEO for short is such a big word — yet somehow it does not do enough justice to the amount of work, research and data that goes into getting a business on the first page for a certain keyword.

Most businesses just think “hey I have the best product in my line of work and I would automatically do fine in search because my product is so great”. Google wants you to think this, Bing wants you to believe this but THIS is not always the case. As a matter of fact it is almost never the case even.

You would be asked to leave your business online, provide value and people will automatically link to you, but you will never get traction if you are not already a giant in your industry. Either through social media channels, traditional advertising or paid online listings, you end up having to spend a ton before gaining even the slightest traction.

Now the smartest businesses catch on early and say look “We have to invest in our digital marketing, especially SEO”. Then they do — and then they hire this “SEO Expert” who basically just gets paid a fixed amount every month for every client on his books and gets them a bunch of SPAM links that do no good for the long term.

The point here is, every business is different. Businesses who succeed at this SEO thing take their time to do everything right. You need to audit your business properly so you know how to improve your SEO and what areas especially need to be improved, plot this against competitive research, on page optimization issues, local citation and clean up issues… etc. It goes beyond links, and it goes beyond just hiring some young man who will simply take your money and give you “generic SEO”. Your needs are always different from the next guys need. Maybe your page speed is the reason you are getting no traffic, maybe it is your server response time. Maybe you even offended the gods is why, you never know.

Take some time to get the facts complete, ask your “SEO guy” the right questions and make sure he gives you the proper answers. That is how the biggest Nigerian businesses kicking tail at this SEO thing get the results they want and need.


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