Prindex properties

Prindex properties

Prindex properties is a real estate company delivering innovative property development solutions that capture optimal value for clients. Prindex Properties was founded to enable aspiring real estate owners to actualize their dreams. Their focus is on modern buildings with good infrastructure, facility management and tenant sourcing.

Prindex properties



Prior to contacting Intense, Prindex Properties had no online presence.

  • They needed brand awareness
  • To reach interested and knowledgeable real estate investors
  • To generate leads who can be converted to customers of its properties (Lands/Apartments).

Developed a digital & content strategy

Which detailed the types of content to create and share on social media. Tasteful content appealing to mid age individuals who are investment savvy


Email marketing

To inform interested individuals about properties for sale, also for showing updates on current developments and how to make purchase.

Prindex properties email marketing strategy


Influencer partnership

Partnered with a real estate marketer to amplify our message.

Prindex properties influencer partnership


Social media ads and lead generation

Intense promoted relevant posts and also videos by the influencer on sales of its land in Ikorodu, Lagos via Facebook & Instagram Lead Ads.

Prindex properties lead generation


Social media ads and lead generation

We acquired over 100 leads on a weekly basis.

Prindex properties lead generation (2)



Our efforts resulted in a positive and decent social media following.  We helped Prindex Properties reach over 300,000 individuals within their target audience in 3 months thereby increasing reach, brand awareness and gaining leads to be nursed into paying customers.

We also added over 40,000 contacts to the database and regular follow up on them.

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