SEO Campaign For

JobSeeker.NG simplifies the ease of looking for information concerning ongoing recruitment in different firms across Nigeria. The aim for the guys at Jobseeker is to bring all the latest job listings to the potential employees phone, essentially acting as a central hub for different Jobs in Nigeria.

The Challenge

Jobseeker being a 5 month old website at the time of reaching out to Intense had a fairly strong social media audience where a lot of their website traffic came from. While the site could get by on this traffic, the CFO at Jobseeker wanted to cut down on expenses for social media advertising and bring the people searching for these jobs to them. They had not been ranking effectively on page 1 of search engines for most if not all of their job listings, mainly because they had a lot of stiff competition in their industry.

The Solution

We went through their on page techniques and helped them implement best practices. We lectured the writers on how to properly optimize job listings and helped them better build the density and popularity of their business with off page signals.

The Result

They achieved a top 10 ranking for all job listings posted on their platform and multiplied their visitors from search engines by 10 (still growing). The client is very happy with what we have been able to do for them in just 60 days. The new rankings have allowed the client to spend less on advertising and make more profit from the general running of the business.