Digital Marketing For Naija Street Champ

Naija Street Champ

Naija Street Champ is an open-mic music competition developed to discover young music talents in Nigeria.  It is a platform for reaching and engaging young Nigerians by allowing them to express themselves through indigenous music. The search for the next big star in Nigerian music sniffed through the nooks and crannies of Lagos in its first season with the help of ace producers; Terry G, ID Cabassa and D-Tunes.


The Challenge

Naija Street Champ needed fans to vote for their favourite contestants to win the competition but they were not getting the desired result with their budget using radio to promote and SMS to vote by phone. They needed a digital strategy to promote the show and direct fans to their website to listen and vote.


The Solution

Intense came up with a digital strategy to solve the problem; we used Facebook and online forums/blogs to generate awareness and influence fans to vote. A Samsung K-zoom camera and phone was on offer to spur fans into voting and sharing the opportunity with their friends. We used influencers like iPublicizeNaija to start conversations and grow their social media fan base and we used music blogs popular among Nigerian youth to spread the message. Intense was responsible for Display ads on Facebook and Nairaland, press releases and graphic design.


The Result

Over 10,000 people visited the website and more than 3,000 people voted for their favourite contestant. Their online community experienced immense growth as over 2,000 followers and 3,000 likes were added to their Twitter and Facebook pages respectively.