Digital Transformation

Intense helps businesses harness the power of digital technologies to become more effective, innovative and disruptive by rethinking traditional and sometimes archaic processes.

We assist businesses to leverage digital disruption in their operations for growth by embracing the rapidly evolving digital ecosystem.

Custom Application Development

Custom software applications save time and cost while increasing efficiency through the automation and streamlining of business processes. Intense develops these solutions to help your organization become more efficient and build operational capacity.

We are partners with Terasol Technologies, a team of hard-working, intensely curious folks who care deeply about making great apps.

Artificial Intelligence

Chatbots are artificial intelligence (AI) software that save time and effort by automating customer support.

Intense builds chatbots for businesses to imitate human conversations for solving various tasks like collecting user information, appointment booking, calling a taxi, sending money and other functions through messaging applications, websites, mobile apps