On Page Optimization, How to go about it and best practices

On Page Optimization, How to go about it and best practices

First off, on page optimization is not rocket science. Do not be deceived by how technical the phrase might sound, it is something you can learn to do perfectly with a little effort. As long as you can keep the most important goals and purpose of an optimization campaign in mind then you are already half way there.

There are a few questions you must first ask yourself before embarking on your optimization journey, notable among them being:

  1. What is the purpose of this page I am about to optimize, what use would it serve to the end user.
  2. How can I make this page or group of pages more appealing and easier to navigate.
  3. What are the unnecessary things or distractions my page may currently contain and how can I better get the message across quickly without boring my visitors and potential leads.

Purpose of your page

If the entire purpose a page is supposed to be serving to an end user is for the user to be able to login,  then why should the page contain a map of your country and location of your business as well as an about us section? Wouldn’t it simply suffice to have a Username and password field accompanied by a sign in button? Would this not help the user quickly achieve the goal at hand which is to sign in? Same logic applies to bulkier pages. If you are trying to sell me a product, Introduce it, tell me why it benefits me and give me an option to take an action (If I like). I as the end user and potential buyer – I genuinely do not care that the guy who invented the product has 3 kids and he quit his job to start developing said product. This is what may be considered TMI (Too Much Information) by the young generation.


Once your page does not have proper navigation it has already failed. I would not want to have to go through the hell of guessing or re-constructing your URLs simply because you forgot to do your due diligence. For both search engines and real human visitors, a site that is not properly structured with a clean clear cut navigation system is a waste of everyone’s time.


Ask yourself this, Can a stranger tell what my business or page is about in the first 3 seconds of landing on said page. Can he/she get the basic tasks regarding the functionality of the page done in the next 10-15 seconds? If not then what is the purpose of all your content? What is the purpose of content that does not get the job done? If it does not relate or help the buyer in his journey then why is it there. It’s like this, I have a page about Soya Milk > I am a Soya Milk distributor > A potential client is anyone who visits my page and wants to maybe place an order for 100 bottles of Soya milk. He/she does not want to come and watch a 30 minute video of the Soya Milk convention in Calabar, and even if that interested my potential client, it is wise for me to have a call to action on the page that maybe says “Buy – amount of Soya Milk at a discounted price” or a table that had different quantities of my Soya Milk at various prizes. It only makes sense. So why have a 30 minute convention video with no call to action telling everyone how much fun I had at the Soya Milk Convention on a page that should be selling my product?

I am sure you get it… You are awesome.

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