Nigerian websites making money.

Nigerian websites making money.

The age of the internet has without doubt, created some of the greatest fortunes of our generation. Everywhere you look online, it’s another story of a millionaire who started a website, or some other venture online. Trust Naija to never carry last in any thing regarding making money. Here’s some websites making money online.

1Websites Making money Nigeria

Bet9ja has become hugely popular in the country as more and more youths have decided to make money from sports betting, this growing interest has led the website, to be the third most visited site in all of Nigeria, only surpassed by and

The website has a site value of $11,19,554. It has 979,901 unique users each day. 5,100,241 daily page views and daily revenue of $5,100. As successful betters make money, so does Bet9ja from their website.



websites making money nigeria

The E-commerce giant has definitely made its website immensely popular, with an extensive ad campaign on all platforms. This has made it the 8th most visited website worth an estimated$1,907,826. With an average of 252,298 unique daily users, viewing the page 871,151 times and generating daily ad revenue of $871. This has given Jumia the opportunity to make money not only from their products but from their website.




Websites making money Nigeria

This forum is very popular for it’s often controversial posts. However it has also become a networking hub and a place to find information for the everyday Nigerian. Currently, the 9th most visited site in Nigeria, they have a web value of $1,761,205. It attracts an average of 94,158 unique users daily, who account for 804,202 daily page views, earning an estimated $804 ad revenue daily. This goes to show that websites that successfully bring people together, especially to talk about national issues, make money.


Websites making money nigeriaIn the search for daily news from a credible source, Nigerians flock to this website. It is currently ranked 10th in most visited sites. It has a value of $1,484,779. It attracts and average of 95,506 unique users daily, 421,200 daily page views and a daily ad revenue of $421. It goes to show, that websites reporting the news can make money.


Websites making money nigeria

The Nigerian music industry is one of the most buzz worthy industries in not only the country but worldwide. Naija loaded have succeeded in making themselves a household name for both musicians and fans alike, it’s become a place where gist is gotten, music is marketed and trends are picked up. All this combined has made it the 13th most visited website, worth an estimated $922,431 in value. It attracts an average of 95,505 unique users daily and 421,200 page views, bring daily ad revenues to $421.



websites making money nigeria

The Queen of Gossip has created such a success story with her “blog” , that it has become a household name. With such popularity, it’s no surprise that the website makes money for her on a daily. It has a site value of $639,730 and an estimated 50,816 daily users, viewing the pages 291, 113 times. Bringing ad revenue of $292 daily.



The web will always present a lucrative opportunity for people looking to make money online, if you’ve got the right idea and need to boost traffic, rank higher and make money from your website, then call on us.

Websites making money Nigeria


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    Posted at 14:48h, 10 March Reply

    Making Money online and on Social Media really is a no brainer. Over the last few months, Nigerian brands have come to understand the power of social media but they really are having a hard time building an audience, engaging with this audience and driving sales.

    Right beneath your nose, brands are paying other social media users like you a junk of cash to help them manager their social media accounts.This is 2018, brace up. You gotta make money off this thing called Instagram.

    Forget spending so much time posting photos of yourself, Make up to 100k per month posting for brands.

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