Nigeria As a Country Requires Serious Product Redesign

Nigeria As a Country Requires Serious Product Redesign

Imagine Nigeria was a product, an image that we as a country are trying to sell to the world. If you were the rest of the world and you saw the current state of the product would you buy it? Not likely.

Imagine wanting to cook – let’s say rice for example; if you got to the market and all of the rice available was black witch mucus and spirogyra growing on them would you still buy it? I think not.

Nigeria as a product

Think of every part of the economy being a single element on the packaged product – We live in a country where a 20 year old man (recently arrested for taking a part in the disturbing Lekki robbery that happened in March) believes the best/easiest way to get 500,000 naira is to not only be part of a robbery but be part of a robbery where they were “ready for all resistance” and ended up killing 3 police officers and an innocent girl. Same country where all Linda Ikeji needed to become a multimillionaire was internet connection. THE SAME COUNTRY!!! So what is the problem here? Education!

I could go on and on citing examples but the general point to be taken away from this is the fact that all systems are not functioning properly. Education system has failed, financial system has failed, and we do not even have proper roads or a proper banking system that has no hassle. Everything is off.

Recently appointed Senator, Ben Murray Bruce made a few points during a twitter rant that I would like to highlight. Firstly, he asked the profound question “Why is public service to poor people a meal ticket for some to amass wealth and drive around in convoys of 10-20 cars?” Why are you going into an office that is supposedly for “Public Service” but the only thing you are servicing is your pocket?  Why are the salaries of said public servants and politicians so high? So high in fact they can easily afford not to subject their own children to the poor education system Nigeria has to offer like the young thief I mentioned earlier.

It recently came to light in a PWC audit of the NNPC’s books that the 20 billion dollars that was missing was simply redirected and there was much more still going on that needed proper explanation. Former CBN Governor Sanusi Lamido now the Emir of Kano was probing these findings when he was fired by our President Goodluck Jonathan… but Nigerians did nothing – I just heard you say “What can we do?”

Ghanaians have been subjected to a 12 hour electricity rationing system for a little while now and all their celebrities are speaking up. Everyone is boycotting this and that, the news is being read in stark darkness just to prove a point. But you just asked “What can we do?” We as a people can begin to realize the power is in our hands and not in the hands of the politicians. Taxes are being paid by us, and their salaries and expensive convoys are being bought at our expense.

There are certain governors that have barely paid salaries to workers since November of 2014… This is already mid 2015 and nothing is being done about this. The country is in need of massive change, change that we hope will come under the leadership of Muhammad Buhari… or not.

Anyway, the Nigerian dream needs to be redesigned. We are living in and tolerating a failed state. A failed state that will help a few unnamed government officials embezzle well over 20 billion dollars in just 8 months. Imagine how much we would be looking at if we decided to get PWC to audit the entire 5 year tenure of the current administration? And that was just NNPC…

In the words of one very wise woman we all know “There is God ooooo!”

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