NewsJacking-Using trending news for your brand

NewsJacking-Using trending news for your brand

Every day there’s some trending news, some funny, others not so much. However, once in a while, something trending can link so directly with your brand that you ought to seize the moment. This is called Newsjacking.  This is the art of injecting your brand into current trends.

Recently, The Davido and Chioma “Assurance” trend has taken off on social media. Here’s an example of a brand leveraging on that trend


Sovereign Trust Insurance, an insurance sales company  already has close ties to the word “assurance” and thus leveraged it “Quickly”.

Time is an important factor in News-Jacking.  Social media trends come and go in an instant, so you have to be quick.


Why should you care about Newsjacking?

A perfect newsjack can bring your brand great social media attention. People who weren’t aware of you suddenly share your post and wait for what you will do next.  They can even become customers and view you as fun and cool.


Coca Cola did a newsjacking masterpiece with this post celebrating a royal baby born in the U.K.Newsjacking

Should you be careful about Newsjacking?

Yes! You definitely should. Some trending issues can be very sensitive and can bring a negative sentiment on your brand.

For examplenewsjackingPepsi was seen as Profiting off  The Black Lives Matter movement in America. Their multi-million dollar campaign had to be scrapped after social media backlash.




As long as there are trending topics, there will always be opportunities for your brand. Wait, watch and when you find an opportunity, strike when the iron is hot.

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