Misconceptions About Digital Marketing In Nigeria Part 2

Misconceptions About Digital Marketing In Nigeria Part 2

In this second and concluding part of the misconceptions about digital marketing series, I would write on three more ideologies that modern day businesses and corporations should change. In the first part of the series, I wrote on twitter trending and its illogical use. In this post, I would write on the following misconceptions and how it affects 21st century businesses;

  1. Digital Marketing is not relevant to small businesses
  2. Mobile Optimization is not too much of a big deal
  3. Digital Marketing is a waste of time

Misconceptions about Digital Marketing Continued

I would take this subtopics one after the other and do justice in explaining to the layman what implications this form of thinking has on businesses.

  1. Digital Marketing Is Not Relevant To Small Businesses

The big spenders in the field of online advertising and promotions, are usually the blue chip companies and multinationals. These are companies who can afford to spend  hundreds of millions of Naira in promoting a new product or service. Although these companies indeed spend so much, does it mean small businesses have no place at all in this sector?

The answer is absolutely NO. The internet is a level playing ground when it comes to conducting activities online. Everybody has a clean canvass in which a picture is to be painted. Digital marketing does not have to do with spending massive amounts of money rather,  it has everything to do with HOW you use the internet as a tool to gain customers and eventually business growth.

Digital Marketing gives small businesses the ability to engage with customers on a wider platform than traditional marketing can offer. In fact, in this 21st century, your shop is no longer a physical location but rather it is your website, blog and all your social media accounts. Any small business that can leverage all of these platforms effectively can compete strongly enough with a big spender.

My advice for small businesses is this; seek relevant knowledge on how social media can be utilized to generate sales and increase profits. In the long run, you would find out that a community of loyal customers would be built and on their own they would help promote your brand. Digital Marketing gives small and medium scale businesses the tools which enable them spend less money but generate more traffic.

  1. Mobile Optimization Is Not Too Much Of A Big Deal

As sad as this sounds, at least from my perspective, we still have many individuals and companies who do not bother to make their websites mobile friendly. To all ye thinkers of this, I hope you have heard about Google’s Mobilegeddon update.

What does Mobilegeddon mean? In a simple, succinct way; Mobilegeddon is Google’s new update to its search algorithm, that makes mobile-friendly websites rank better in search that non-mobile friendly websites. So if your business website with its archaic layout, had some level of traffic few months ago, expect that its ranking would drop significantly if better websites offering the same content as you come up with a mobile friendly design and has some deal of links built to it.

What should small businesses and individuals do then? My advice is to contact a web development company who has knowledge of platforms such as Bootstrap that enables the creation of responsive websites. Responsive websites are websites which fit perfectly on any type of screen. It achieves this by collapsing content to overlay depending on how the web developer wants it to appear on different types of screens.

  1. Digital Marketing Is A Waste Of Time

This could not be more false. How do businesses intend to get heard and seen in this internet age without Digital marketing? There are millions of businesses with their websites online, how on earth do you want to compete without a means of putting yourself out there for your customers to engage with your brand?

To get leads and eventual customers, most companies make use of social media and highly interactive blogs to create a form of relationship with users online. This makes customers build trust with brands and eventually subscribe to their products. People are more likely to patronize a company whom they have been familiar with than an unfamiliar company. A good way to build some degree of familiarity is to engage with potential clients online.


Digital Marketing is still a vague concept in Nigeria as many people do not understand what it entails. But as more and more companies go online, the term Digital marketing would wear a new face in Nigeria.

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