Misconceptions about Digital Marketing in Nigeria Part 1

Misconceptions about Digital Marketing in Nigeria Part 1

I mentioned in our last post on getting hired in the digital marketing industry in Nigeria that, many agencies and even clients do not have a clear understanding of what digital marketing is all about. What we’ll try to do in this post is to clarify some common misconceptions and myths surrounding digital marketing and it’s entities in Nigeria.


Trending On Twitter

This is the most gravely committed misconception that exists in the minds of Nigerians. Most people think digital marketing is about disturbing people’s feeds on all social media networks with highly uninteresting product adverts. The worst of them all is when a twitter trend is utilized to promote a product or a service.

The question every client needs to ask his vendor is “How exactly would you promote my services on twitter?” why is this important? Because knowing how your vendor would carry out the process enables you track leads and conversions and eventually results. Why all of this long talk? Because Twitter trends are almost useless when used to market goods and services. Well not entirely useless but its wrongly used in Nigeria

Twitter trends in Nigeria are created by asking irrelevant questions – irrelevant to the brand promoted – just to get people talking about it and eventually becoming the most talked about subject aka trends. The problem with this is; along the line the whole purpose and message to be passed across is defeated as the focus goes away from the promoted subject to the meaningless questions. This is why using twitter trends to promote your business or service in Nigeria is almost an entirely wasteful venture. An example of a typical abysmal trended topic for a service would look like;


A better practice would be to monitor specific keywords, terms and of course hashtags on twitter to find out which one can be used to key your business into.

Part Two of three would be coming out later this week.

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