maybrands e-commerce


MayBrands is the biggest licensed retailer of designer wrist watches like Fossil, Michael Kors, Emporio Armani, DKNY and many more with over 8  physical stores in Nigeria.

maybrands e-commerce



Despite several brick and mortar stores, Maybrands was not able to cater to bust professionals and entrepreneurs who didn’t have the luxury of time to visit stores and would rather order watches online.


The objective of the campaign was to increase online presence using strategic and cost effective solutions to drive traffic to the newly launched e-commerce store and create engagement on your social media pages.


Social Media Management and content creation

maybrands social media management

We created engaging content that attracted wrist watch and accessories lovers while consistently growing page fans across their different social media pages. We developed product photos and videos showing different watches, their functions and styles with which they can be worn.

Influencer Partnerships

maybrands influencer partnerships


We partnered with influencers like Noble Igwe, Rhonkefella, Timini Egbuson, Makida Moka and Otini Ene. Photo and video shoots were done to showcase the different brands and how they can appeal to diverse styles. The influencers posted this content on their social media pages and blogs while we used the content to drive promotions on owned and paid media.

Social Media Giveaways and Contests

maybrands social media giveaways


Giveaways and contests were used to increase customer engagement and loyalty. Wrist watches, bracelets, movie tickets and many other gifts were given out in exchange for customer attention and engagement. We were able to use these competitions to stimulate the demand for Maybrands’ products.

Search Engine Optimization

maybrands search engine optimization


We optimized the physical properties of the Maybrands website to make it optimal to be found by search engines for keywords related to the Company’s products while also engaging in off-site activities that created inbound links to the Company website.

Display and Search Ads

maybrands display and search ads

We place banner ads on websites likely to be visited by the Maybrand’s audience; pocket heavy and time short professionals and entrepreneur between 25 and 45. We also placed ads on Google search at the preliminary stages for keywords that the Maybrands’ website was not ranking for organically.



Other strategies that were employed include sponsored articles on relevant content websites, email marketing and promotions and discounts


After 1 year, May brands had sold over a hundred premium watches online and gained over 3,000 users in their database. With SEO, we helped rank Maybrands on the first page of google search for their product keywords like  Online wrist watch stores in Nigeria, Fossil Wrist Watches in Nigeria, Tommy Hilfiger Watches in Nigeria and many more.

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