Losing momentum? – How to re-energize your Nigerian business with new ideas

Losing momentum? – How to re-energize your Nigerian business with new ideas

It is not uncommon to start a business and run out of momentum after a few months or a few years, in fact it is quite normal and to be expected in many cases. Could be a lack of funding or the displeasure of not seeing a return on investments immediately—whatever be the case, you are not the first business owner to lose momentum.

In that regard, if you really want to find a way to reignite and re-energize your business you may want to read a few success stories, look around for a mentor… Does not necessarily need to be in the same exact field as your business but if it is, it only makes it all the better. When you have read, studied and realized what other businesses and business owners went through you may start to see how nothing good comes all that easy. It takes a certain amount of persistence to achieve anything worth doing.

Another way to re-energize a business is to reinvent it, rebrand it, come up with a new idea or a few new ideas and ride on that new momentum. There is a spirit that moves with new ideas and there is a drive that comes with this. If you can make that momentum work for you and you are excited enough about your new ideas you would have successfully re-energized your business and rediscovered the spark that drove you into the business in the first place.

As with all things, if you are not genuinely interested in what you do you will never be driven to make it successful. So you need to ask yourself “Do I really love this business or would I rather start something new”. Deciding whether that business you are currently trying to resurrect is what you really want to be doing goes a long way in deciding whether it will bring you any amount of satisfaction going forward.

So the 3 golden rules of re-energizing your business are:

  1. Find success stories—real ones—and understand what they went through.
  2. Come up with a few new ideas and let your ideas inspire you.
  3. Figure out whether your business brings you any amount of satisfaction or happiness.

I hope this has helped you better grasp how to best rejuvenate your business…


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