Leadway assurance

Leadway assurance

Leadway Assurance is one of Nigeria’s foremost insurance service companies, with a reputation for service efficiency and customer reliability.

leadway assurance savings campaign



To increase their share of the retail insurance market; Leadway Assurance needed to increase awareness and sales of their “Leadway Savings Plan” insurance product.


The objective of the campaign was to acquire qualified leads who can afford Leadway Assurance products who will eventually be converted into customers and increase buy in of existing customers by cross selling.

Our solution

Video strategy

Using video as our primary communication tool; the core message of our campaign focused on:

leadway assurance savings video strategy


  • WHY people should use Leadway products
  • HOW Leadway products can solve their problems

We produced and directed different video testimonials of happy Leadway Assurance customers expressing how the Leadway Savings Plan made their lives easier.

leadway assurance savings video strategy (2)


Lead generation

The videos were used as content to drive leads using Facebook and Instagram lead ads which allowed potential customers to express their interest by providing their contact details (Name, phone number, email address and location).

leadway assurance savings video strategy for facebook


Sponsored content

We also sponsored articles on infotainment websites relevant to the target audience. Google and BBM display ads were used to drive traffic to a dedicated landing page that captured details of potential customers.

leadway assurance savings content distribution


Email marketing

We deployed email marketing campaigns to targeted Leadway customers who were not already using the Leadway Savings Plan and new prospects generated through our marketing activities.

Influencer marketing

Lastly, we engaged relevant influencers on twitter to amplify the campaign by spreading the word to their networks on twitter.  All leads collected were accessed real time by Leadway’s sales centre where each Lead was called on the phone by sales representatives.

leadway assurance influencer strategy



leadway results

  • Number of Leads from Facebook  & Instagram – 3,324
  • Number of Leads from sponsored articles – 915
  • Number of Leads from BBM and Email – 474
  • Total leads – 4,713

Intense helped Leadway Assurance reach over 1.8 Million people and collected almost 5,000 contacts of potential customers through digital marketing in 2017.

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