Internet Marketing For Businesses In Nigeria – Case Study 1

Internet Marketing For Businesses In Nigeria – Case Study 1

So it is 2015, more Nigerian businesses are coming online because everyone is starting to realize just how important having an online presence for their business is. The young people of yesterday who were all over their twitter and Facebook are the working class of today. Usually when the average youth needs something and does not know how to find it, they either…

  1. Ask their social audience for advice – E.G “Where can I buy the best pizza in Lagos”…
  2. Use Google – E.G Search= “Best Pizza In Lagos”

Now In the case of Best Pizza in Lagos this is what you find:

Dominos, Debonairs, Internet Marketing For Businesses

The location for Dominos pizza comes up first on my mobile device and second on my personalized desktop search.

Debonairs pizza comes up second on my mobile device and is nowhere to be found on my desktop search.

I need to however point out these results do not necessarily mean these are the best 2 pizza places in Lagos or that Dominos pizza serves the best pizza in Lagos for that matter. I know this because if you asked the average person where to NOT get pizza they will most definitely tell you not to go to Dominos because you could do so much better. And then they would probably continue to mention to you that Debonairs pizza is the best pizza in Lagos and their pizza can save lives and so on…

So who wants to take a wild guess as to why it would not matter what device or browser you are using, Dominos pizza always comes out on top when you search phrases around “Best pizza in Lagos”?…

Do not stress it, I will tell you. It is quite clear both ventures can be considered “small” businesses in Lagos. Regardless of the fact that they may or may not have franchises in other African countries, it is clear for all to see that Dominos have paid more attention to their internet marketing. This in turn may lead you to believe the complete opposite of the actual quality of products both businesses are offering.

Why? Because not everyone has 1000 twitter followers or Facebook friends who have tried both places and can give advice on the subject, not everyone lives in Lagos. And most importantly, if I was a tourist with just my Google Now application Dominos pizza is where I would go to get my pizza.

So internet marketing for small businesses, it does not matter how small – it is quite important to pay attention to it. And not just pay attention, make sure your business is properly listed where necessary and make sure your visible for the right phrases.

This in turn does not always mean search, internet marketing for businesses goes beyond Google and Bing. Do you have your Facebook page properly set up and optimized? Is your business on Foursquare and are you properly listed on Google businesses and other local listing websites? Do you interact with customers on your twitter and give support and feedback? And most importantly if I search for your business either with your brand name or the service you provide will I find you.

These are just a few things to keep in mind as small Nigerian business looking to pay attention to your internet marketing.

Hope we have impacted some knowledge. You can drop any questions you might have in the comments section below.

Caveat Emptor

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