How To Use Twitter Effectively To Increase Profits

How To Use Twitter Effectively To Increase Profits

Twitter is fast becoming a tool companies use to engage with their customers. More recently, many Nigerian brands are beginning to embrace the use of Twitter in their marketing efforts. This shows clearly that the ability to maximize this channel of communication, can go a long way in determining how much sales and profits a company can generate.
It is even a lot cheaper to run a Social Media campaign than to invest in traditional media. Marketing efforts online can be measured more effectively than traditional media. For example, if I run a Twitter ads campaign for a Month, I can determine how many people clicked on my advert and took a specific action. But this would be pretty difficult if I run  a billboard campaign. How do I know how many people bought my new perfume line as a result of the billboard I placed at Allen Avenue, Ikeja?
That said, this post would give a number of tips on how you can actually use Twitter to improve sales at your company.

How To Improve Sales Using Twitter


1)  Have An Active Website

Having an active website is a must for every organization before creating a social media account. You need to establish a web presence before you start engaging in social media activities – My next post would discuss whether social media accounts can substitute for a website – this is due to the fact that you can convert this leads to customers by offering them a chance to subscribe to  your products via forms on your website. You can now guide this lead and take the individual through the buyer’s journey.

In this day and time, your shop is no longer a physical location only. Your website and other social media profiles are the branches of your shop. Therefore, your website should be very good looking with the ability to capture the attention of every visitor. Visitors should be able to be in awe of your brand and also get to know you more through your website.



2) Optimize Your Profile

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Optimizing your twitter profile includes but not limited to the following things.

  1. Have a High Definition picture of your brand’s logo or a related picture as your profile picture
  2. Ensure you upload a header image with the appropriate dimensions
  3. Fill in a link to your website in the given field
  4. Write a short Bio that is consistent with your other social media profiles
  5. You can decide to brand your twitter page with the colors associated with your brand

Having a properly optimized profile makes you look serious and well branded to your audience. Following those steps shouldn’t be much of a big deal.


3) Have Conversations With Followers

Individuals tend to feel special when a brand engages with them. “You mean a big brand like intense took out time to answer my questions? wow this company rocks!”  Responding to comments and providing answers to questions induces a brilliant relationship between your company and your audience.


4) Listen! Listen!!

Monitor hashtags and specific keywords related to your business so that you can know what people are saying about your business and also find out what your competitors are doing. If you come across a compliment for your great service rendered, ensure to say thank you or say something nice to the person. Also, if you encounter a dissatisfied customer, promptly address the issue with the person. The key is to quickly address negative issues so that they do not hurt your brand’s reputation online.

5) Give Out Freebies

People love free things. From time to time tweet discount codes and special offers that only people following you would see. Give out some of your products for free and reward your loyal fans. This makes your existing audience look forward to seeing a tweet from you and it also has the possibility of attracting new people.


6) Host Competitions

Hosting competitions can greatly increase your sales and also increase engagement with your brand. You can run a photo contest, an art contest or any creative contest that your audience would find exciting. A good example would be a competition where your fans take a fun picture with your product and post with a predetermined hashtag.

Feel free to come up with competitions that can create awareness for your brand.

7) Tweet Consistently

To be successful on Twitter you need to be active. Prospective customers would follow your account to get informed. A lack of activity would create disinterest and may lead to a huge loss of your audience.


Using Twitter for your business can greatly increase the amount of sales you can make. Implement this strategies and you would definitely see growth. If you would love us to help you increase sales via Social Media Management, feel free to contact us with the button below.


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