How to pick the right colors for your business / brand

How to pick the right colors for your business / brand

Deciding what colors a brand will base its entire product or design on goes beyond simply using the CEO’s favorite color. Every color has a meaning, there is symbolism and art to it and it most definitely should be taken very seriously!

Let us digress a bit, ever seen a Santa Claus wearing purple or orange instead of red? It seems ridiculous now that you think of it does it not? Red is the color of Christmas, it just is. The same way a brand or product that is about herbal drinks or plants should have their product designed around the color green and not red or purple. Starting to see where I am going with this aren’t you — Every color you choose to use for your brand should mean something for your business and most importantly it should relate to your products one way or the other.

Just before I continue, checkout this photo that explains different colors, what they mean and examples of brands that use them… It may help you further grasp the concept of colors.

How to pick the right colors for your business


So how do you select the right/perfect color? Well that can be both easy and as well as difficult. When you are about to choose your brand colors there are 3 questions you have to ask yourself.

  • What color represents your brand’s personality?
  • What color suits the characteristics of your product/service?
  • What color does your competitor(s) use?

Keeping in mind you are not limited to just one color, a brand can have multiple colors, usually 2 or 3 and you could even have more if you choose not to associate your business with just 1 color. Take for instance ebay or Google in the photo above, these are two really huge businesses, ebay is a marketplace and Google is—well… Google.

As for why the color your competitor is currently using matters, you have to keep in mind picking the exact same color or a similar color as your main competitor only represents your product as a “Me Too” product. The power of a business lies in its ability to stand out. So if your main competitor has red you might want to pick the direct opposite and go blue. Except in a case where you are both into carpentry or wood and you Have to both use a color like brown.

In the end, picking the right colors for your business needs to be a well thought out process, and I do hope this short write up has helped you better understand the concept of color picking for businesses and how to pick the right colors for your business.

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