How to make money online with your Nigerian blog

How to make money online with your Nigerian blog

Are you putting out content and making no money? Are you running on your personal reserve and looking for a way to make your website/blog make you money instead of you investing without any returns? Good! Because nobody should be running an online business without making money, so let’s discuss it.

The first thing that comes to mind when you talk about making money with a blog is usually Google Adsense for the average person. This is not a bad thing; in fact Adsense is the largest income provider on the web for majority of bloggers and writers.

But a majority of Nigerian businesses get rejected the first 300 times they apply or probably even more and that is not an exaggeration. Some blogs never get approved…. like ever. Keep in mind this is never Google’s fault, there is always a very good reason for rejection! Maybe your content is too thin, too un-original, maybe you have nothing unique and I can basically find everything on your blog elsewhere, maybe you have used Google images and ended up with some copyrighted content on your blog. Whatever the case maybe, Google always has a valid reason to reject your request.

So if Google does not like your blog and you need to make money what do you do? I won’t advice you to focus on getting corporate ads because I know how difficult sourcing for ads can be. Instead I will give you a list of alternatives to advertising.  If you have been unlucky in your love affair with Google, you can try these ad networks:

  1. Prest ads
  2. Addynamo
  3. Admarula

These (3) I can recommend as I have personally tried them but keep in mind they mostly pay peanuts. Except for Admarula; they pay a little better than Google, in fact the only problem with them is that they are a South African company and most of their campaigns are tailored for South African businesses and audiences so they are not the most consistent with throwing ads at publishers outside South Africa and also they do a lot of pay per lead campaigns.

Truthfully nothing could ever be as smooth and automated as Google Adsense so as a webmaster you should always try to abide by the Google Webmasters TOS and best practices.

Hope you enjoy making money with your blog.

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  • Moses
    Posted at 23:03h, 25 June Reply

    Thanks. Very informative. I just started a new blog and this will guide me.

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