How to hire a mobile app developer- Ten things to look out for

How to hire a mobile app developer- Ten things to look out for


The rise of the app, it’s easy access and it’s ability to serve as a functional extension of a business has made it popular. Nowadays businesses create an app or even more to carry out specific objectives and meet certain business goals. The thing about apps though, is they are not that easy to build.To really create something spectacular and seamless will require experience.

So, the next port of call is to find a great mobile app developer, right? Yes, but it’s not as easy as that.

Here are ten things to look out for when hiring a mobile app developer

  • Agency affiliation

Hiring a freelancer can get your app built, however there can be several challenges. Freelancers might not feel so motivated or obligated to work on your project as efficiently as they should. They might even be juggling your work with others. However, If you hire an app developer assigned to an agency, they are more likely to feel the necessary pressure to deliver. The agency can be held responsible. There can be a pool of talent that can help with other aspects of the app’s roll-out, say marketing and promotion.

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  • Understanding your business:

Make sure the mobile app developer, understands exactly what your business is about. If you are creating an agro-business app, then be certain, that the developer knows about agriculture .

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  • Portfolio:

Make sure you check out what work the developer has done before. You can use this as a reference point for your projec. This is very important because UI/UX (User interface/User experience) is what makes or breaks an app. No matter how great your app idea is , if it doesn’t run great then no one will want to use it.

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  • Compatibility

App’s are complex, in the sense that, even after they are built, there still have to be on-going changes. Choose a mobile app developer, who shows qualities that are compatible with yours, so that the working relationship can be long term. You wouldn’t want to hire someone who will abandon the project as soon as the app hits the app store.

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  • Budget

What’s your budget? How much are you willing to spend to make your app great? Sometimes a cheap quote can bring a similarly low quality app or vice versa. Know what your budget limitations are but also be prepared to go above it, if needed.

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  • Client References

Contacting a client that the agency has worked with is a sure fire way of gauging how the process of developing an app with them works. Only a client who worked with them can tell you the truth of the situation. If the agency gets a recommendation, then that is a clear indication on what direction you should go in making your decision.

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  • Versatility

Sure they’ve built a game app before, but what if you want to build a game but also need to create another app under your umbrella, for say banking. A bank can make an app that helps it’s customers save money in a gaming format, and also make another purely banking app. It would be better to work with one agency in both cases, rather than having to juggle between two agencies. However, versatility does mean going for a jack of all trades, master of none approach. They should be versatile enough to create apps in several categories whilst maintaining the quality standards

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  • Proficiency with languages

Some app developers are focused on a limited set of programming languages, or might be focused on only android apps or IOS apps. It’s important to know if they are proficient with building apps that function on the operating system where you know your audience will be.Mobile app


  • Team

It’s important to know if the agency has enough hands to work on your app. You wouldn’t want to give an agency a project, when only one person is already building other apps. Be sure to ask open questions about how many people will be working on your app. This prevents you from signing over a project to a team with hands full.

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  • Promotion:

Building the app is just the first step. Make sure the agency has other services that can help you get the app promoted through various channels. This is important  as what separates a successful app from an unsuccessful app can sometimes be promotion . The agency should be able to build buzz around the app. If the app is designed for profit, then the agency should be able to show you how to maximize it to make money.

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Now that I have given you these ten major things to look out for in a mobile app developer, let me make your search easier for you by recommending Intense.  We have a great team ready to bring your app to life. Contact us now for a free consultation on your mobile app idea.


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