How to Get Hired In the Digital Marketing Industry in Nigeria

How to Get Hired In the Digital Marketing Industry in Nigeria

The Digital Marketing sector in Nigeria is still very much young and there are few professional digital marketing companies that actually know what they are doing. What this means is; the top agencies are always searching for talents to keep them in that top spot. How can you catch the eyes of these companies?

The interesting thing about this field is that there are no barriers of entry. Your degree in Mechanical Engineering or Zoology doesn’t increase or decrease your prospects of excelling at Digital Marketing. In this blog post, we are going to highlight some key points to aid you land your dream job in the Nigerian Digital Marketing sphere.


  1. Know your onions

The ability to analyze marketing campaigns to find out why a campaign was successful or not, is just one of the many roles a digital marketer would perform. You have to understand the terminologies and language used in this line of work. It is important that you read widely and also get a hands-on experience with digital marketing in some projects whether it’s a personal project or for a client. You do not want to be asked by your interviewer what a tweet impression means and you return with a blank stare.

The best thing to do if you are just starting out in Digital marketing is to find as many resources you can lay your hands on and digest them adequately. If there’s a discussion on Facebook or Twitter about topics related to digital marketing in Nigeria, ensure you participate in them. This would not only enlighten you but grants you exposure to other possible clients or employers.

  1. Social Media Profile

You have to note that you can never be the only person your employer is considering for a vacant position. If he has to make a decision to choose between you and another candidate and there is nothing else to use to screen you both, the next step is to check your social media profiles. This happens 87% of the time!

Your brand online is a value adding substance in the job market most especially in the digital marketing sector. You must exhibit the capacity to build someone else’s brand, and how can you do that if you can’t build your personal brand.

  1. What do you do in your spare time

As ridiculous and unimportant this question might seem in a job interview, it is a determining factor enabling employers know that they aren’t employing robots! You must have a life outside of the work you do. This shows your competency in handling life as a whole and striking a balance. As much as employers want the work done and in due time, they also care about the mental and physical health of their employees. Ensure that in your CV you include at least 2 hobbies you participate in from time to time.

  1. How do you spend your money?

Every business is established to make profit. A prospective employer would want to know your financial priorities. Do you spend your money on fancy haircuts, big boots or dazzling chains? This doesn’t depict a serious personality. You should be able to state that you use your money to develop yourself whenever possible. This shows a focused mindset and tells that your eyes won’t be hungry over company funds.

Part of your job role as a digital marketer is planning campaign budgets. If you have a good command of your personal finance then definitely you would be able to handle clients’ budgets and give them a valuable return on investment.

  1. Perfect your Resume especially on LinkedIn

Nothing sells a prospective employee more than a well written and thought-out resume. Ensure that it is not bulky but rather, highlight relevant digital marketing experiences beneficial to your employer. Specially craft every new resume you send out to employees, this may seem daunting but its best you tailor your cover letter and resume to suit the current needs of your dream digital marketing company.

The importance of linkedin cannot be over emphasized. Modern day digital companies in Nigeria utilize linkedin a lot when searching for talents. It would only be wise to enrich your profile and get hired.



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