How to choose the right online advertising agency for your business

How to choose the right online advertising agency for your business

Choosing the right online advertising agency is crucial for your business success. You must select the right marketing agency that will not only understand your marketing needs but solve every of your marketing problems. So also deliver best results possible.

In Nigeria, a lot of businesses are now incorporating digital marketing to their overall marketing plans. There are also a growing number of digital agencies that promises a maximum level of awareness for businesses. However not all agencies have the capacity to satisfy your marketing needs. You will need to ask some vital questions and understand agency characteristics before signing any contract.

When hiring an advertising agency for your business, these are a couple of things you should consider so you don’t waste your funds and resources.

  1. Understand your business goals

Online marketing is a strategy that involves the use of internet to achieve business goals. It’s usually geared towards defining markets through unique and useful applications. To achieve success in this, you have to ask yourself some questions which are relevant to the goals of your business. What are you trying to achieve with advertising? Is it brand awareness, to help you sell more or expand your business? How much is your marketing budget? How much are you willing to spend for online advertising?

Your answers to these questions will enable you choose the right digital agency as well as enable the digital agency implement the right strategy on how best to portray your brand to your target audience. Before you hire any advertising agency, ensure that the agency understands both the short and long term goals of your business and can help you achieve them successfully.

In addition, if you already have an in-house marketing team, you should know what they can handle that doesn’t require the help of an external advertising agency. These are the sort of questions that will help you get the right agency.

  1. Check their online value

The idiom practice what you preach comes in handy here. It may seem reasonable to assume an advertising agency is competent based on what they say but don’t be deceived by all that. It’s wrong.  A company promising to help you increase sales and brand awareness should have a strong online presence themselves. They should definitely have strong social media following, impressive engagement levels and an optimized website/blog. Check their social media platforms to see the number of followers they have, their engagement levels including audience reactions and comments. So also their response to these reactions. This will enable you gain an insight into what they promise to offer.

Also check their website, an advertising agency offering conversion rate optimization should probably have a website that is up to date, optimized and has engaging content. When you search for their website, it should be among the top search results.

  1. Meet the team

The key to the success of your advertising efforts lies in the hands of the team your company will be assigned. Since they will be in charge of the advertising processes, it will only be right you get to know their strengths and expertise. The team members should have basic knowledge of all techniques of digital marketing and each of them should be an expert in one or two of these techniques.

If you don’t have the opportunity of meeting with the team one on one, you can check the company’s website. Go to the about us page or our team, whichever name is used.  On this page, you should be able to get information on three or four members of the company.  Additionally, you can further research the team on social media.

In all, after your research, you should be able to tell those who know their onions from those who don’t.


  1. Case studies/Client’s testimonials/Portfolios

Case studies comprises of works from previous clients/recent clients of the company. One good way of identifying how effective an advertising agency is to check their case studies, client’s testimonials or portfolios. What companies have they  worked with? How effective was the work done? Are the results impressive?

To get the case studies, you should check on their website, there should be a page for this. It’s not only about checking the case studies, it’s also important you check if these case studies are relevant to what you want or looking for and how many case studies the company has in proportion to their total number of clients.


  1. Work approach

As stated earlier, few companies actually walk the talk. Some would paint a picture of the perfect workplace and this might end up not being true. One other way you can know if a company walks the talk and is not just another talker is by paying attention to what they do and what they say. How can you know this? It’s simple. Once a meeting has been arranged, you should try to pick up on one or two things they do.

Response time is quite critical, are you satisfied with this? Are they client friendly? Was the meeting well prepared for? Do they have plans and workable strategies to achieve your goals and objectives? Ask if they have a work method which reduces risk and improves results on projects.

  1. Tech Savvy

Online activities has an element of technology in it. For an agency that prides itself in online advertisement, it has to be inclined with latest technologies and stay updated with new tools and techniques. You should look out for the technical expertise of the company. Ensure they have the equipment and facilities to carry out the project.

Equipment will have to include hardware and softwares. Hardware to include top functional gadgets like laptops and cameras. On the other hand, softwares to include reporting/analytics tools, publishing tools, design tools like Adobe to name a few.

  1. Location

Yes, the location of the advertising agency matters. Even though communication can be done over the phone, and via e-mail, sometimes having a face to face contact is needed to ease the flow of work. For instance, as a client looking to get relevant results for your online advertisement, you might need to understand very important issues as regards a project hence, the need to visit the agency to meet with the team in charge.

  1. Pricing

Most advertising agencies in Nigeria have no specific prices for what they offer. Some work based on client’s profile while some charge based on workload. For an agency that values quality over quantity, they will never charge less than required for a project, prices may also be negotiable. You may also contact more than one agency for price comparison and to have a general idea of how much your project will cost.

Alternatively another approach is to let the agency know what your budget is so as to proffer solutions within your budget.

Value and Price balance on the scale. Business Concept

Many advertising agencies in Nigeria claim to be the best with no evidence to back it up.  Make sure you tick these eight boxes before hiring any advertising agencies for your work. Working with the right advertising agency ensures you the opportunity of targeting your ideal customers. Also, it makes your business more competitive.

We have prepared an info-graphic and slide-share presentation for this article. Do well to download and check them out.

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