How The In My Feelings Challenge Went Viral

How The In My Feelings Challenge Went Viral

The #InMyFeelingsChallenge was a whole virus!

Nobody expects something to go viral until it does.

Who didn’t catch the In My Feelings virus? That would be no one because it spread exactly like a virus. It’s beginning to look like all Drake needs to do is breathe, and the whole world has gone crazy! He has been on a roll and we hope it just stays that way because a good viral challenge, is a break for all of us.

Drake definitely didn’t do it alone, in fact; it was Internet Comedian; Shiggy who gave it a name and even the dance! After the In My Feelings song was out, Shiggy posted a video on his Instagram page; interpreting lyrics like “KiKi do you love me” with a heart shape he did with his hand on his chest. He called the dance, #DoTheShiggy and boom! Ciara was next. It was basically an interpretive dance to Drake’s song.

In the first few hours of nearly everybody doing their own #InMyFeelingsChallenge, a lot of people were completely lost, they had no idea what the KiKi madness was about until it all started to make sense.

Ciara and her husband Russell Wilson were in Cape Town for their honeymoon and had to spice things up a little bit with the challenge. Then it was Odell, Lala Anthony, Hevin Hart, Will Smith took it to a whole next level and a lot more known people on the Internet.

Once celebrities have jumped on a challenge, it automatically becomes the global anthem and that was exactly what happened, the #DoTheShiggy /#InMyFeelings / #KiKiChallenge blew up so much, as you already know.

See the videos from celebrities that made the whole world go crazy about #InMyFeelingsChallenge

Drake dropped the official In My Feelings video on Thursday, 2nd August and it’s on #2 on trending.


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