How DSTV Nigeria is Doing Social Media Right

How DSTV Nigeria is Doing Social Media Right

I’m personally not a big fan of TV, I haven’t been for about 5 years now since the internet and social media became a major part of our lives. I can get all my news and videos immediately they break before the TV channels even know what’s up. Cable TV is however a good way to stay informed and entertained  via news channels and special shows, so we subscribed to the not so attractive “family” DSTV bouquet at the office. We probably watch 6 channels on the average. CNN, CNBC, MTV Base, Trace, Sound City and Emmanuel our Graphic Designer likes Hip TV. I paid for 2 months via GT online Banking on a Friday but somehow on Monday it still had not been activated. I tried calling the DSTV help line but could not get through, then while scrolling through the Intense Instagram feed, I saw their page and the conversations below transpired.

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We immediately got a response in less than a minute to head over to their twitter. I was a little dissapointed that whoever was handling the twitter account could not resolve my problem, but I was excited nevertheless to find out if they could resolve it and how fast.

I mentioned them on twitter and they responded immediately again. Unknown to us the payment did not go through and GT Bank reversed it at that very moment (I wonder how that happened, I guess that will be a story on GT Bank for another day). We eventually made the payment again and mentioned them and our subscription was activated in minutes. Well if that isn’t customer service, I don’t know what is. I have personally been to customer services where I had to engage in shouting matches just to get attended to, so for this issue to be resolved seamlessly was impressive. Thumbs up to the guys ad girls behind the keyboards at DSTV.

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