How Brands Can Benefit From IGTV

How Brands Can Benefit From IGTV

You’ve seen how relevant video content are, it has gone beyond just a digital trend for today’s marketers and has become a powerful strategy. Trust Instagram to build on what works for users, first; videos are the most consumed content on the internet, and second; people are spending just as much time on Insta-stories as they are spending on their explore page. IGTV had to come!


According to a report by Hubspot, a staggering 97 percent of marketers reported video helped them increase understanding of their product or service. It’s the content strategy that connects brands with their audience on a more engaging level than just pictures.

IGTV was introduced on June 20, 2018, it has quickly become a platform to upload more lengthy videos and keep your audience glued to you. With Instagram TV, you can upload a full-screen video that is 60 minutes long. Just like what you can do on YouTube.

How IGTV Works

Instagram has always been a world of quickly digestible content of 60-seconds, but that just changed with IGTV enabling you to have videos up to an hour long! It is really one of Instagram’s many ways of filling in every gap of content consumption all over the Internet.

Unlike Insta-stories, IGTV is a stand-alone iOS or Android app if you don’t want to be logged into your Instagram, but it is also built directly on the Instagram app and only takes a button to get you an account. In this case; a channel!

Instagram IGTV

As soon as you open IGTV, there’s an auto-play video from a random channel or Instagram TV account you follow. You can swipe up to change channels, just the way you have click away to view the next Insta-story.

Trust Instagram to be the most user-friendly platform yet, you can like, comment and then share videos to your own network from IGTV.

How You Can Benefit From IGTV

A little statistics for the records:

Instagram has grown to be the top social media platform with users increasing every time you turn. According to Wordstream, there are over 800 million active users currently in 2018, compared to the 600 million surveyed in 2016. It is a pretty shared social network of both businesses and personal accounts. There are over 25 million business profiles on Instagram, 70.7% of the US companies use Instagram for marketing, and 50% of Instagram users with personal accounts follow at least one business.

Here’s a Forrester Research, Inc survey of engagement rate on the top 3 giants, having Instagram as number 1.


All we see here on the new platform that is IGTV, is content and more content. There are tons of benefits for brands anywhere content is consumed. The ability of creators to be creative with their videos, is the reason IGTV is promised to be just as successful as everything else by Instagram.

  1. Create Attractive Videos On Small Screen- 

We’ve seen how much we can do with Insta-stories, very catchy videos and images have kept us as viewers. IGTV has more features to create attractive videos to entice your audience.

2. Drive Traffic To Your Website

If there’s one thing we’ve begged Instagram to do, it is enabling links where people can easily see them. That has not happened, but what is happening now, is that you can easily insert links in the description of your videos on IGTV to get to your website.

That’s an amazing way to drive traffic to your website. However, it takes nice videos to get people to see what’s left on your website.

3. Build An Audience

The internet is a goldmine, but for creators and brands, the real goldmine is the audience you’ve built over time.

IGTV is a great platform to get subscribers to your channel, build an audience! People just need to love and resonate with what you do, you’ve earned their loyalty.

4. Make Money

You’ll definitely be making money after all that 3 steps, the idea is simple; you have people enjoying what you do; you have a reasonable number to convert to sales.

We say that you leverage on this great way to connect with your audience and address their needs and challenges in a way that can further establish trust and promote brand recognition.



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