How A Brand Should Communicate On Social Media In 2018

How A Brand Should Communicate On Social Media In 2018

How brand should communicate on Social Media in 2018

Communication is everything, it is the reason we have a relationship and the key thing that keeps it. It is one thing to communicate as a person and another thing to communicate as a brand. When it’s a brand, there’s so much consciousness that goes into it because; so much more is expected of you.

The best way to communicate? That’s a really valid question that needs a careful answer, everything that you become on Social Media, is pinned to the way that you communicate. People need to see that there’s a communication before anything else.

The first thing you want to be is original, reflect your brand and your message in your communication. There’s no one-size-fits-all tactic to how a brand should communicate or that all brands should communicate the same way, there’s just one thing; originality.
The second thing is not exactly a thing, it is a list of things and that’s what you are about to find out.

  1. Have A Consistent Brand Persona

Consistency does more to your audience than it does to you, it creates a mental recognition of your presence everywhere on the internet.

How do you feel when your favorite brands have completely different descriptions on different social networks?

That feeling is what you don’t want for your own brand, it is up to you to get it right. Have a consistent brand persona, if you are ” the best digital marketing agency in Lagos” on Instagram, then don’t be something else on Twitter and Facebook

2. Humanize Your Brand

Humanizing your brand is basically putting a face to your brand, being more of a human than a machine.

How brand should communicate on Social Media in 2018

If you are in business, more than selling a product; the one thing you want to earn is trust! Customer and consumer-brand trust is just as important as the business.

Truth is; people don’t really trust brands, it’s a sad fact. People trust and appreciate real faces, real people instead of face-less brands, it’s a proven strategy to get people listening to you because now, they can relate with you as a human.

3. Have A Content Calendar

Social Media is better planned, thinking up content ideas on the go is amazing and it works, but what’s a lot better, is creating them ahead of time because you already know what works.

It takes a lot of good time and creative effort to make sense of your brand on social media, it takes planning. A Content Calendar is your designed draft of content that will be going out across all your social networks. Because it’s a calendar, you create content for every day of the week for maybe a month and work with that.

Having a Content Calendar doesn’t stop you from being spontaneous or jumping on trends, you should go ahead and use content available outside your calendar if it’s worth sharing immediately, but your content calendar stays fixed.

It reduces the stress of thinking up content every time you want to put something out and more than that, your audience already know when to get a post from you.

4. Use What’s Already Working For You

Go back to your social networks, you know those one or two things you do that perform better than all others. Use what’s already working for you and maximize them, if you have to do better designs, that’s what you should do.

As a brand, you need a strategy in place for social media, it will save your business in so many ways.

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